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VOLUME 65 (1997) | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 585
Radiative energy loss of high energy quarks in finite-size nuclear matter and quark-gluon plasma
The induced gluon radiation of a high energy quark in a finite-size QCD medium is studied. For a sufficiently energetic quark produced inside a medium we find the radiative energy loss AEq oc L1, where L is the distance passed by quark in the medium. It has a weak dependence on the initial quark energy Eq. The L2 dependence turns to L] as the quark energy decreases. Numerical calculations are performed for a cold nuclear matter and a hot quark-gluon plasma. For a quark incident on a nucleus we predict AEq « 0AEq(L/\0 fm)^, with β close to unity. PACS: 12.38.Qk, 13.60.Le, 25.20.Lj