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VOLUME 66 (1997) | ISSUE 6 | PAGE 373
A built-in scale in the initial spectrum of density perturbations: evidence from cluster and CMB data
We calculate temperature anisotropics of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) for several initial power spectra of density perturbations with a built-in scale suggested by recent optical data on the spatial distribution of rich clusters of galaxies. Using cosmological models with different values of spectral index, baryon fraction, Hubble constant and cosmological constant, we compare the calculated radiation power spectrum with the CMB temperature anisotropics measured by the Saskatoon experiment. We show that spectra with a spike at 120ft-' Mpc are in agreement with the Saskatoon data. The combined evidence from cluster and CMB data favours the presence of a peak and a subsequent break in the initial matter power spectrum. Such feature is similar to the prediction of an inflationary model where an inflaton field is evolving through a kink in the potential. PACS: 98.65.-r, 98.70.Vc