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VOLUME 82 (2005) | ISSUE 7 | PAGE 473
Enhancement of Superconductivity in Disordered Films by Parallel Magnetic Field
PACS: 74.25.Ha, 74.78.-w, 74.78.Na
We show that the superconducting transition temperature Tc(H) of a very thin highly disordered film with strong spin-orbital scattering can be increased by parallel magnetic field H. This effect is due to polarization of magnetic impurity spins which reduces the full exchange scattering rate of electrons; the largest effect is predicted for spin-\frac12 impurities. Moreover, for some range of magnetic impurity concentrations the phenomenon of superconductivity induced by magnetic field is predicted: superconducting transition temperature Tc(H) is found to be nonzero in the range of magnetic fields 0 < H^* \le H \le H_c.