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VOLUME 83 (2006) | ISSUE 5 | PAGE 232
Glue in the pomeron from nonlinear \boldsymbol{k_\perp}-factorization
We derive the nonlinear k_\perp-factorization for the spectrum of jets in high-mass diffractive deep inelastic scattering as a function of three hard scales - the virtuality of the photon Q2, the transverse momentum of the jet and the saturation scale QA. In contrast to all other hard reactions studied so far, we encounter a clash between the two definitions of the glue in the pomeron - from the inclusive spectrum of leading quarks and the small-β evolution of the diffractive cross section. This clash casts a further shadow on customary applications of the familiar collinear factorization to a pQCD analysis of diffractive deep inelastic scattering.