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VOLUME 47 (1988) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Dal'karov 0. D. , Protasov K. V. , Anomalous P wave in \vec pN scattering at low energies; the \vec pp atom 75  (65)
Kuz'min V. A., Solov'ev V.G. , Effect of interaction in the particle-particle channel on Gamow-Teller β+ decay in spherical nuclei 79  (68)
Karmanov V. A., Trukhov A. V. , Mechanisms for the suppression of annihilationless breakup of nuclei by low-energy antiprotons 82  (70)
Rupasov V. I. , Critical phenomena in the cooperative Raman scattering 87  (73)
Apollonov V. V., Artem'ev A. I., Kalachev Yu. L, Prokhorov A. M., Fedorov M. V., Electron acceleration in a strong laser field and a static transverse magnetic field 91  (77)
Ivanov V. V., Senatskii Yu. V., Sklizkov G. V., Stimulated Raman scattering in a laser glass 95  (80)
Kamalov V. F. , Koroteev N. I., Toleutaev B. N., Shkurinov A. P., Vibrational spectra of "hot" molecules in an excited electronic state: measurement of picosecond cooling kinetics by means of coherent Raman scattering 98  (82)
Egorov S. V., Kostrov A. V., Tronin A. V., Thermal diffusion and eddy currents in a magnetized plasma 102  (86)
Vinnikov L. Ya. , Grigor'eva I. V., Observation of regions of short-range order in the vortex structure in a type II superconductor 106  (89)
Bessergenev V. G., Gogava V. V., Mandzhavidze A. G., Fedorov V. M., Shilo S. I., Effect of commensurability on the temperature dependence of the angle of rotation of the magnetic helix in a single-crystalline dysprosium 110  (92)
Mazin I.I., Maksimov E. G., Rashkeev S. N., Savrasov S. Yu., Uspenskii Yu. A., Optical properties of metal oxides of the La2CuO4 type 113  (94)
Aliev F. M, Breganov M. N., Temperature hysteresis and dispersion of the dielectric constant of a nematic liquid crystal in micropores 117  (97)
Gorlova I. G., Zybtsev S. G. , Latyshev Yu. I. , The Hall effect in YBa2Cu3O7-x, single crystals in the plane perpendicular to the c axis 121  (100)
Andrievskii V. V., Ass E. I., Komnik Yu. F., Cyclotron spectroscopy of electron-phonon relaxation at point contacts 124  (103)
Bud'ko S. L , Gapotchenko A. G. , Itskevich E. S., Anomaly in the longitudinal magnetothermal emf of cadmium near an electron topological transition under pressure 128  (106)
Vinnikov L. Ya. , Gurevich L. A. , Emel'chenko G. A., Osip'yan Yu. A., Direct observation of the Abrikosov vortices in the single crystal of a high-temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3Ox 131  (109)
Ganapol'skii E. M., Hypersound amplification by an intense hypersonic field in ruby 135  (111)
Gerasimenko V. A., Zorchenko V. V. , Kondratenko V. V. , Fedorenko A. I., Khalameida D. D. , Yakovenko V. M. , Resonant microwave photoconductivity of periodic layered Bi-Sb composites with a network of misfit dislocations: manifestation of a miniband spectrum? 138  (114)
Aluker E. D. , Gavrilov V. V., Deich R. G., Chernov S. A. , Ultrafast luminescence of CsI 142  (116)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.