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VOLUME 48 (1988) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Rubakov V. A. , Tinyakov P. G., Gravitational instantons and the branching off of the expanding universe 327  (297)
Losev A. S. , Calculation of a scalar determinant in the theory of open strings 330  (300)
Kononets Yu. V. , Ryabov V. A. , Photon showers and the Belkacem peak in the radiation from channeled ultrarelativistic electrons 333  (303)
Drukarev E. G. , Levin E. M., QCD sum rules and nuclear matter 338  (307)
Adishchev Yu. N., Verzilov V. A., Vorob'ev S. A. , Potylitsyn A. P., Uglov S. R., Experimental observation of the linear polarization of parametric x-ray emission 342  (311)
Karfidov D. M. , Rubenchik A. M. , Sergeichev K. F., Sychev I. A. , Local bursts of electromagnetic radiation in a plasma with strong Langmuir turbulence 346  (315)
Stefanovskii A. M. , Model for the tokamak H mode 351  (319)
Antonova E. A. , Ruzinov V. L., Phase transition of granular superconducting films 355  (323)
Makarov V. I. , Zavaritskii N. V. , Klochko V. S., Voronov A. P., Tkachenko V. F., Acoustic characteristics and structural features of the vibration spectrum of the La2-xSrxCuO4 (x=0 and 0.2) lattice and the YBa2Cu3Oy (y=6 and 7) lattice 359  (326)
Baklanov K. A. , Krylov I. P., Multiphonon recombination of carriers at frozen-photoconductivity centers in PbTe films 364  (330)
Gorokhovskii A. A., Zavt G. S., Pal'm V. V. , Photoinduced spectral diffusion in organic glasses with impurities 369  (334)
Vesnin Yu. I. , Istomin V. E., Kostsov E. G., Anisotropy of ESR absorption of single crystals of R-Ba-Cu-0 superconductors (region of weak magnetic fields) 374  (338)
Baranov A. N. , Guseinov A. A. , Rogachev A. A., Titkov A. N., Cheban V. N., Yakovlev Yu. P., Electron localization at a heterojunction of the second kind 378  (342)
Nifontov V. P., Ponomarev V. I. , Atovmyan L. O. , Ovanesyan N. S. , Emel'chenko G. A., Tatarchenko V. A., The structure of tetragonal compound YBa2Cu3-xO6-y in the temperature region 100-1000 K 382  (345)
Korolyuk A. P. , Khizhnyi V. I. , Nonlinear rf electromagnetic excitation of sound in tungsten 385  (348)
Kravchenko S. V. , Medvedev B. K., Mokerov V. G., Pudalov V. M., Rinberg D. A., Semenchinskii S. G., Phase diagram of the magnetoconductivity of 2D electron systems 388  (351)
Boldyrev N. Yu., Burlakov V. M., Golovashkin A. I., Zhizhin G. N., Mit'ko A. G. , Krasnosvobodtsev S. I. , Pechen' E. V., Khadzhiiskii Yu. A., Negative-light-flux spectroscopy of oriented films 392  (354)
Edel'shtein V. M., Gap splitting in a two-dimensional superconductor without an inversion center 395  (357)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.