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VOLUME 48 (1988) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Nesterov M. M. , Okunev I. S. , Possibility of observing weak neutral currents in light clustering nuclei 621  (573)
Avakyan R. O., Avetisyan A. E. , Gyurdzhyan V. A., Dallakyan K. R., Taroyan S. P. , Mkrtchyan A. R., Gasparyan R. A., Gabrielyan R. G., Mkrtchyan A. G., Vardapetyan R. P., Radiation of ultrarelativistic electrons in a quartz single crystal 625  (577)
Kocharovskaya O. A., Khanin Ya. I. , Coherent amplification of an ultrashort pulse in a three-level medium without a population inversion 630  (581)
Akhmediev N. N., Borisov B. S., Zuikov V. A., Samartsev V. V. , Stel'makh M. F., Usmanov R. G., Fomichev A. A., Yakshin M. A. , Observation of a long-lived multiple optical echo 634  (585)
Afanas'ev V. V. , Dianov E. M. , Prokhorov A. M. , Serkin V. N., Nonlinear pairing of light and dark optical solitons 638  (588)
Anikeev I. Yu. , Glazkov D. A., Zubarev I. G., Mikhailov S. I. , Absolute instability of oppositely directed waves without a frequency detuning 643  (593)
Lomov A. S. , Rabinovich M. I. , Particle-like solutions in nonequilibrium 3D media 648  (598)
Malkin V. M., Bi-self-similar wave collapse 653  (603)
Konstantinov V. L , Stark S. Yu., Tsidil'kovskii I. M. , Optical properties of thin YBa2Cu3O7 films in the IR region 655  (605)
Ageev V. G. , Bushman A. V., Kulish M. I., Lebedev M. E., Leont'ev A. A. , Ternovoi V. Ya., Filimonov A. S., Fortov V. E. , Thermodynamics of a dense lead plasma near the high-temperature boiling curve 659  (608)
Varyukhin S. V. , Low-temperature anomalies in the resistance of metallic glasses 663  (612)
Popova M. N. , Puyats A. V. , Springis M. E. , Khlybov E. P., Cathodoluminescence of high-temperature Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductors 667  (616)
Abelyashev G. N. , Berzhanskii V. N. , Sergeev N. A., Fedotov Yu. V., Fractional quadrupole spin echo in the NMR of magnetically ordered materials 670  (619)
Belyaev A. E. , Semenov Yu. G., Shevchenko N. V., Manifestation of spin fluctuations in the hopping conductivity of semimagnetic semiconductors 675  (623)
Ovsyuk N. N., Krivoputskaya L. M. , Shebanin A. P., Low-frequency Raman scattering by volume vibrations of microcrystals 678  (626)
Ivlev B. I., Ovchinnikov Yu. N. , Intraband tunneling flip of quasimomentum in connection with the dynamics of Josephson junctions 682  (630)
Kireev I. V. , Mikheeva M. N., Nazin V. G., Svishchev A. V., Characteristic-electron-energy-loss spectroscopy of an YBa2Cu3O7-δ superconducting ceramic 685  (633)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.