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VOLUME 49 (1989) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Leinson L. B. , Interaction of neutrinos with collective oscillations of neutron matter 77  (65)
Novikov V. M. , Pomanskii A. A., Experimental test of a possible violation of the Paul! principle 81  (68)
Grigorov N. L. , Measurement of the proton spectrum at energies above 1 TeV by the Sokol detector on a satellite 83  (71)
Dobrovol'skaya A. V. , Kaidalov A. B., B-to p\vec p \pi (\pi) branching ratios 88  (75)
Vodop'yanov B. P. , Zhikharev V. A. , Khaliullin G. G. , Kinetics of nuclear magnetization in a disordered conductor 91  (77)
Andrianov V. A. , Anisimova O. L., Kozin M. G. , Pentin A. Yu., Shpinel' V. S., Ivanenko O. M., Mitsen K. V. , Study of the superconducting ceramic EuBa2Cu3O7-x, by the Mossbauer effect in 119Sn 95  (80)
Vinnikov L. Ya. , Grigor'eva I. V. , Gurevich L. A. , Osip'yan Yu. A., Observation of an anisotropy of the vortex lattice in the basal plane of a YBa2Cu3Ox single crystal 99  (83)
Volkov A. F. , The Josephson effect in granular superconductors 103  (86)
Boris A. V. , Bredikhin S. I. , Photovoltage in crystals of the solid electrolyte RbAg4l5 106  (89)
Sarkisyan A. G. , Arutyunyan V. M. , Akopyan R. S. , Vartanyan R. S. , Putnyn' E. V. , Dobrovol'skii N. M., Gevorkyan S. G. , Superconductivity above 100 K in the Bi-Ca-Sr-Cu-O system 110  (93)
Fistul' M. V. , Critical current of the Josephson junctions with randomly distributed vortices 113  (95)
Tsvelik A. M. , Exact solution of models of one-dimensional magnetic substances with an interaction which goes beyond nearest neighbors 117  (99)
Shcherbakov A. S. , Katsnel'son M. I. , Trefilov A. V., Sorokin N. L., Startsev V. E. , Valiulin E. G. , Dyakina V. P. , Kozhevnikov V. L. , Ferroelectric anomalies and superconductivity in metal oxide compounds 121  (102)
Nazarov Yu. V., Coulomb blockade of tunneling in isolated junctions 126  (105)
Chubukov A. V., A difference in the properties of one-dimensional antiferromagnets with integer and half-integer spins 129  (108)
Vasil'ev E. A., Spatial distribution of the magnetic induction near a permanent magnet in connection with the attraction of a high-temperature superconductor toward the poles of a magnet 132  (111)
Bykov A. A. , Gusev G. M. , Kvon Z. D., Lubyshev D. I., Migal' V. P., Interband photoconductivity of a mesoscopic GaAs sample 135  (113)
Kirpichenkov V. Ya., Resonant-percolation paths as high-temperature superconducting channels in thin metal oxide films 139  (116)
Dzyaloshinskii I. E. , Chemical nature of the pairing of holes in high-temperature superconductors 142  (119)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.