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VOLUME 49 (1989) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Morozov A. , Roslyi A. , Torons, projections, Riemann surfaces, and fermion condensates in supersymmetric sigma models 415  (365)
Marshakov A. V., Bosonization and calculation of correlation functions in the Wess-Zumino-Witten model 419  (369)
Losev A. S. , Fermion chiral determinant in the Schottky parametrization 424  (372)
Vergeles S. N. , Dynamic quantization method in the example of 2D chiral gauge model 427  (375)
Cherepanov V. M. , Chuev M. A., Yakimov S. S., Goncharov V. Ya. , Smirnov S. A., Bush A. A., Anomalies in the temperature dependence of the Mossbauer-effect probability for impurity tin nuclei in a 1-2-3 superconducting ceramic 431  (378)
Nasibov A. S., Suslina L. G. , Fedorov D. L., Korostelin Yu. V., Shapkin P. V., Markov L. S., Exciton luminescence of ideal solid solutions (the ZnxCd1-xSe system with 0 < x < 1) 435  (381)
Blumberg G. E., Fefer E. M., Fimberg T. A. , Ioon E. R., Lakht A. Kh., Stern R. R. , Rebane L. A., Raman-scattering spectra of YBa2Cu3O6.5 superconductor with ordered oxygen vacancies 439  (384)
Vendik I. B. , Pchelkin V. M. , Shchepak A. V. , Dynamics of a charge density wave in a quasi-1D conductor with a distribution of threshold fields 444  (388)
Gippius A. A. , Moshchalkov V. V., Ho Hiu Nyan, Voronkova V. I. , Yanovskii V. K. , Time relaxation of the magnetization in a single-domain TmBa2Cu3O7-δ single crystal 448  (392)
Kuznetsov V. V. , Lalko E. I. , Savchenko A. K., Characteristic features of the current noise in the mesoscopic channel of a field-effect GaAs transistor 453  (396)
Tsipenyuk Yu. M. , Yanev V. P., Direct observation of low-frequency magnetic fluctuations of 2D magnetic materials near the ordering temperature 458  (399)
Gavrilov M. G. , Dorozhkin S. I., Zhitomirskii V.E., Kukushkin I. V., Intensification of spin splitting in the second subband of quantumsize electrons in a single GaAs-AIGaAs heterojunction 462  (402)
Kalugin P. A. , Phason disorder in 2D quasicrystals 467  (406)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.