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VOLUME 50 (1989) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Abdullin S. K. , Blinov A. V. , Vanyushin I. A. , Gogolev A. N. , Grechko V. E., Ergakov V. A., Zombkovskii S. M., Korolev Yu. V., Selektor Ya. M., Solov'ev V. V. , Chuvilo I. V. , Shulyachenko V. N. , Search for doubly charged anomalons in p3He interactions at a 3He-nucleus momentum of 5 GeV/c 237  (213)
Zabrodin A.V. , Mironov A. D., Finite-size effects in conformal theories and the nonlocal operators in one-dimensional quantum systems 241  (217)
Ganenko V. B., Gushchin V. A. , Zhebrovskii Yu. V. , Kasatkin Yu. A. , Kolesnikov L. Ya. , Nagornyi S. I., Ovchinnik V. D. , Rubashkin A. L., Sorokin P. V. , Zayats A. A., Determination of cross sections for disintegration of the deuteron by photons polarized parallel and perpendicular to the reaction plane 244  (220)
Popeko L. A. , Lerbin A. V. , Chernyi A. V., Bakhlanov S. V. , Muratova V. N. , Shishkina G. A. , Klapdor H. V., Ultra-low-background apparatus with germanium shielding 247  (222)
Naumenko G. A., Repenko E. V. , Stibunov V. N. , Tryasuchev V. A., Direct measurement of inelastic photoproduction of π0 mesons at light nuclei 251  (226)
Chkareuli J. L. , Mixing of mesons and dynamic flavor 255  (229)
Dagkesarnanskii R. D. , Zheleznykh I. M. , Radio-astronomy method for detecting neutrinos and other elementary particles of superhigh energy 259  (233)
Arbuzov B.A. , Boos E. E., Savrin V. I. , Shichanin S. A., Relativistic Coulomb problem and bound states in continuum 262  (236)
Golosovskii I. V. , Grebenyuk Yu. P., Dvoeglazov A. M., Kuznetsov S. A., Plakhtii V. P. , Sych I.I., Takzei G. A. , Kharchenkov V. P., Disruption of long-range order in Heisenberg antiferromagnet upon transition to reentrant spin-glass state 265  (238)
Zavaritskii V. N., Zavaritskii N. V. , Magnetic properties of Y1Ba2Cu3O7 single crystals and ceramics at T/Tc>0.85 268  (241)
Buishvili L. L., Buishvili T. L., Fokina N. P., Low-temperature nuclear relaxation of the first kind through a paramagnetic impurity 273  (245)
Brik A. B. , Matyash I. V. , Bezobchuk V. K. , Larikov A. L. , Spin refrigerator for paramagnetic impurities using electric fields 275  (247)
Bush A. A. , Dubenko I. S. , Limonov M. F. , Markov Yu. F., Panfilov A. G., Razbirin B. S., Sokolova O. V. , Correlation between the critical temperature and the vibrational spectra of high- Tc superconductors 279  (250)
Aksaev E. E. , Gershenzon E. M., Gol'tsman G. N. , Semenov A. D. , Sergeev A. V. , Interaction of electrons with thermal phonons in YBa2Cu3O7-δ films at low temperatures 283  (254)
Kolomeiskii E. B. , Levanyuk A. P. , Temperature-(magnetic field) phase diagram for type-II superconductor near critical point 287  (257)
Kirichenko A. Ya. , Kosmyna M. B. , Levin A. B., Cherpak N. T. , Possible stimulation of superconductivity in Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-0 by electromagnetic radiation 290  (260)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.