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VOLUME 53 (1991) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Martsenyuk M. A., Martsenyuk N. M., Origin of aromagnetism 243  (229)
Arkhipenko V. I., Budnikov V. N., Gusakov E. Z., Savel'ev A. N., Simonchik L. V., Observation of a coherent generation of an anti-Stokes component of scattered microwave radiation in a plasma 247  (233)
Belyaev A. E., Komirenko S. M., Semenov Yu. G., Shevchenko N. V., Current-voltage characteristic during extrinsic breakdown in the semimagnetic semiconductor p-MnxHg1-xTe 251  (237)
Irkhin V. Yu., Katsnel'son M. I., Trefilov A. V., Anharmonicity of oxygen vibrations and formation of highly correlated state in a high-Tc superconductor 255  (242)
Andrianov A. V. , Expression describing the field dependence of the critical current in ceramic high-Tc superconductors over broad field and temperature ranges 259  (246)
Landau I. L., Shapovalov D. L., Parshin I. A., Increase in the superconducting transition temperature of a thin film as a result of the deposition of a normal metal on its surface 263  (250)
Kozlov V. A., Narimanov E. E., Sakkarov K. A., Possibility of determining the surface band curvature in semimetals 267  (254)
Chumakov A. I., Smirnov G. V., Nuclear-resonance monochromator for synchrotron radiation using a multilayer 57Fe-56Fe structure 271  (258)
Torizuka K., Pekola J. P., Manninen A. J., Volovik G. E., Transition between nonsingular vortices in superfluid 3He-A at zero magnetic field 276  (263)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.