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VOLUME 53 (1991) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Arakelyan T. A. , Savvidi G. K., A linear extension of the Virasoro algebra 283  (273)
Levin E. M., Ryskin M. G., Shabel'skii Yu. M., Yields of heavy quarks at high energies 287  (276)
Smirnov A.Yu. , The geometrical phase and resonance conversion of the neutrino spin 291  (280)
Bobrakov V. F., Borisov Yu. V., Lasakov M. S., Serebrov A. P., Tal'daev R. R., Trofimova A. S., An experimental limit on the existence of the electron quasimagnetic (arion) interaction 294  (283)
Pivovarov Yu. L., Shirokov A. A., Enhancement of the role of low multipole transitions in the Coulomb excitation of nuclei in crystals 298  (287)
Gaidarenko D. V. , Leonov A. G., Resonance laser-induced breakdown at the surface of a metal 302  (290)
Kisin M. V., The spin polarization of conduction electrons in boundary states 306  (294)
Lachinov A. N., Zolotukhin M. G., An unusual doping mechanism in polyarylenphthalides 310  (297)
Vandyshev Yu. V., Dneprovskii V. S., Klimov V. I., Manifestation of dimensional quantization levels in the nonlinear transmission spectra of semiconductor microcrystals 314  (301)
Tokarev V. F., Khvingiya Z. L., Fractional fermions and a phase transition in Fermi gas 319  (306)
Buzdin A. I., Kupriyanov M. Yu., Josephson junction with a ferromagnetic layer 321  (308)
Kats E. I., Surface smecticity in chiral liquid crystals 326  (312)
Uimin G. V., Fermion-magnon bound states in strong magnetic field: Analysis of the extended Hubbard model 329  (315)
Kukushkin I. V., Fal'ko V. I., von Klitzing K., Ploog K., Heitmann D., Quasi-one-dimensional electrons in a quantizing oblique magnetic field 335  (321)
Fal'ko V. I., Effect of impurity spin dynamics on weak localization 340  (325)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.