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VOLUME 53 (1991) | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 407
Microwave photoconductivity in a two-dimensional system with a periodic potential of antipoint contacts
The microwave photoconductivity of a two-dimensional electron gas in a lateral superlattice consisting of quantum point contacts with a repulsive potential (antipoint contacts) was studied. New resonances of the photoconductivity were found at the frequencies ω (1.4 Vfn) /d, where η — 1 and 2, VF is the Fermi velocity of the electrons, and d is the period of the superlattice. The resonances were manifested as an increase in the amplitudes of the Shubnikov oscillations and of the cyclotron resonance in weak magnetic fields. It was found that as the frequency decreases, the position of the cyclotron resonance as a function of the magnetic field deviates from the linear law.