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VOLUME 53 (1991) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Dzhunushaliev V. D., Non-Abelian SU (2) neck with a seven-dimensional insertion 547  (521)
Batunin A. V., Yushchenko O. P., Evidence of the coalescence of partons in experiments on heavy ion collisions 551  (525)
Azimov Ya. I., Consistency of the various methods of describing the magnetic moments of baryons 554  (529)
Artemov A. S., Arinin L. V., Balgachev Yu. K., Gevorkov A. K., Excitation of He, H2, and N2 by fast H- ions 558  (533)
Bagdasarov A. A., Merezhkin V. G., Low-power ECR heating in the T-10 tokamak 561  (536)
Bulanov S. V., Kirsanov V. I., Sakharov A. S., Limiting electric field of the Wakefield plasma wave 565  (540)
Dobrynin A. V., Erukhimovich I. Ya., Fluctuation theory of weak crystallization in disordered heteropolymer systems 570  (545)
Bagraev N. T., Symmetry of the EL 2 center in GaAs 573  (548)
Khusainov M. G. , Proximity effect with arbitrary transmission of the NS boundary 579  (554)
Pokrovskii V. L., Acoustic turbulence 583  (558)
Vodop'yanov L. K., Fal'kovskii L. A., Irvin J., Himenis S., Raman scattering of light in a degenerate (Pb, Sn) Se semiconductor 586  (561)
Zhao Zuyu, Adenwalla S., Ketterson J. B., Brusov P. N., Sarma B.K., The method of superfluid velocity measurement in He3-B 591  (566)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.