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VOLUME 53 (1991) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Landau I. L., Shapovalov D. L., Parshin I. A., Erratum: "Increase in the superconducting transition temperature of a thin film as a result of the deposition of a normal metal on its surface" [JETP Lett. 53, No. 5,250-253 (10 March 1991) 642  (250)
Neverov K. V., Krasnovskii Jr., Erratum: Photosensitized luminescence of vibrationally excited singlet-oxygen molecules [1Δ g(V=1)] in solution [JETP Lett. 53, No.9, 452-456 (10 May 1991)] 642  (452)
Kuznetsov Yu. N. , A means of generating and detecting gravitation waves 597  (573)
Brewer J. H., Kreitzman S. R., Luke G. M., Morris G. D., Niedermayer C., Riseman T. M., Hardy W. N., Krasnoperov E. P., Meilikhov E. E., Smilga V. P., Muon relaxation in hydrogen isotopes HD and D2 600  (577)
Dzhelepov V. P., Zinov V. G., Ivanovskii S. A., Karpov S. B., Konin A. D., Malyshev A. I., Martsish L., Merkulov D. G., Rudenko A. I., Fil'chenkov V. V., Yurin O. A., Experimental study of spin effects in the resonant formation of muonic deuterium molecules 604  (581)
Antipov O. L., Dvoryaninov N. A., Sheshkauskas V., Parametric generation and phase conjugation of intersecting laser beams in a layer of a nematic liquid crystal containing a dye 610  (586)
Shur V. Ya., Gruverman A. L., Ponomarev N. Yu., Rumyantsev E. L., Tonkacheva N. A., Domain structure kinetics in ultrafast polarization switching in lead germanate 615  (591)
Badalian S. M., Levinson Y. B., Maslov D. L., Scattering of electron edge states in magnetic field by impurities and phonons 619  (595)
Dikman S. M., Sidel'nikov D. I., Impurity polarizability in silicon due to the magnetic degeneracy of donor states in a finite magnetic field 624  (600)
Nazarenko S. V., Nonlocal interaction with zonal flows in the turbulence of drift and Rossby waves 628  (604)
Arkhipov V. I. , Calculation of the autocorrelation function of the angular velocity of liquid molecules in the long-wavelength approximation 631  (608)
Marchenko V. I., The possibility of the existence of phases in one-dimensional systems 634  (611)
Maslov S. S., Pokrovsky V. L., Magnetization versus external magnetic field in layered superconductors 637  (614)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.