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VOLUME 58 (1993) | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 630
Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation of thulium in TmBa2Cu3O6+x at low temperatures
"Amplified NMR" of thulium has been utilized to determine the positions of the paramagnetic Cu2+ centers in the crystal lattice of TmBa2Cu306+x (x = 0-l). Analysis of the measured rate of spin-lattice relaxation of thulium nuclei in oriented TmBaCuO powders at low temperatures (to 40 mK) shows that in superconducting compounds (jc=0.4—1.0) the paramagnetic copper centers are localized at walls between superconducting and nonsuperconducting microdomains. The average length of the segments of the CuO chains is estimated (—90 A at x= 1.0). The density of the paramagnetic Cu2+(2) centers is also estimated (2.4X1019 cm"3 at x=1.0).