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VOLUME 54 (1991) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kalashnikov O. K., Nonperturbative IR limit of the gluon polarization tensor at T\neq 0 181  (185)
Naumov V. A., Topological phases for a system of three mixed Dirac neutrinos in a medium of varying density 185  (189)
Chkareuli Dzh. L., Flavored cosmic strings 189  (193)
Achasov N. N., Kozhevnikov A. A., Decays of heavy quarkonia which violate the OZI rule 193  (197)
Zel'nikov M. I., Mukhanov V. F., Spectrum of gravitational waves in a double-inflation scenario 197  (201)
Odintsov S. D., Shapiro I. L., Finite nature of a 2d induced gravity in perturbation theory 200  (205)
Bulanov S. V., Sakharov A. S., Induced focusing of electromagnetic wave in a wake plasma wave 203  (208)
Kerimkulov M. A., Ochkin V. N., Savinov S. Yu., Spiridonov M. V., Tskhai S. N., Observation of an inverse isotope effect in the plasma-chemical decomposition of carbon dioxide 208  (212)
Bakarev A. E., Gel'mukhanov F. Kh., Sinyukov A. M., Radiative-collisional excitation of sound in methanol vapor 211  (216)
Chumakov A. I., Smirnov G. V., Andreev S. S., Salashchenko N. N., Shinkarev S. I., Diffraction of nuclear γ radiation by a synthetic multilayer structure 216  (220)
Petrakovskii G. A., Loseva G. V., Kiselev N. I., Ovchinnikov S. G., Ivanova N. B., Chernov V. K., High-Tc superconducting phase in the Fe1-xS system 220  (224)
Levin E. M., Pustovit A. V., Markovskii A. A., Weak ferromagnetism in CeMn2-xSi2+x crystals with a mixed cerium valence 224  (228)
Bun'kov Yu. M., Timofeevskaya O. D., Effect of superfluid countercurrent on a domain with uniform magnetization precession in 3He-B 228  (232)
Levchenko A. A., Mezhov-Deglin L. P., Shtinov I. E., Motion of negative charges and vacancies in parahydrogen 234  (238)
Eremenko V. V., Gnezdilov V. P., Fomin V. I., Usoskin A. I., Chukanova I. N., Photostimulated changes in Raman scattering of YBa2Cu3O7-δ 237  (241)
Petrashov V. T. , Antonov V. N., Resistance of mesoscopic S-N-S junctions 241  (245)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.