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VOLUME 58 (1993) | ISSUE 2 | PAGE 69
Possible production of highly excited π- -Ne atoms in collisions of 70-GeV protons with Mg nuclei
The possible production of π" atoms in the decay of hadron resonances is discussed. This mechanism should lead to a filling of states with ΙφΟ. It might be observed through the detection of characteristic χ radiation. An attempt has been made to measure the intensity of the 3d-2p line of the ir--Ne atom emitted by a Mg target in a 70-GeV proton beam. A crystal-diffraction spectrometer for measuring the x-ray emission of hadronic atoms was used. A peak at a level zz2A errors was observed; the corresponding cross section is ~0.5 mb. This value is interpreted as an experimental upper limit on the magnitude of the effect.