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VOLUME 61 (1995) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Koptev V. P. , Mikirtych'yants S. M. , Shcherbakov G. V. , Abrosimov N. K. , Volchenkov V. A. , Barsov S. G. , Getalov A. L., Eliseev V. A. , Ivanov E. M. , Kruglov S. P., Malov Yu. A., Orishchin E. M., Ryabov G. A. , Uvarov L. N. , Shevel' L. F. , Measurement of the lifetimes of π+ and K+ mesons 877  (865)
Georgadze A. Sh., Danevich F. A. , Zdesenko Yu. G., Kobychev V. V. , Kropivyanskii B. N., Kuts V. N., Muzalevskii V. V., Nikolaiko A. S. , Ponkratenko O. A. , Tretyak V. I., Search for a decay of naturally occurring tungsten isotopes 882  (869)
Erokhin A. I. ,Oleinikov V. V. , Putilin A. A., Spectral structure of stimulated Brillouin scattering 887  (873)
Goncharova E. V. , Kochereshko V. P. , Yakobson M. A. , Le Si Dang, Cibert J. , Photoinduced reflection of light from a single CdTe/CdMnTe quantum well with a piezoelectric internal field 894  (879)
Grom G. F. , Kuz'mich A. M. , Preparation of squeezed spin states of atoms for subquantum interferometry 900  (883)
Kramer L. , Kuznetsov E. A. , Popp S., Turitsyn S. K., Optical pulse collapse in defocusing active medium 904  (887)
Morozov A. I. , Sigov A. S. , Surface roughness of layers and giant magnetoresistance of magnetic multilayer structures 911  (893)
Ivanov B. A. , Local modes and scattering of spin waves by a soliton in an isotropic 2D ferromagnet 917  (898)
Kornilov V. M. , Lachinov A. N., Metal-like state induced in a polymer film by a change in the boundary conditions at the film surface 921  (902)
Shmyt'ko I. M. , Izotov A. N. , Shteinman E. A. , Afonikova N. S. , Deformation-stimulated phase transitions in silicon single crystals 925  (906)
Temiryazev A. G. , Tikhomirova M. P. , Three-magnon decay of exchange spin wave 930  (910)
Kamzin A.S., Ol'khovik L. P., Rozenbaum V. L. , Magnetic structure of the surface and interior of Ba hexaferrites 936  (916)
Katsnel'son M. I. , Trefilov A. V. , Possible coexistence of localized and itinerant states in connection with anomalies in the kinetic properties of high-resistivity alloys 941  (920)
Molotkov S. N. , Electromagnetic emission from a superlattice during ultrafast carrier excitation under the conditions of a Wannier-Stark ladder 946  (924)
Fel'dman D. E. , Phase transition in a nonequilibrium 2D degenerate system 953  (930)
Volovik G.E., Orbital angular momentum of vortices and textures due to spectral flow through the gap nodes: example of the 3He-A continuous vortex 958  (935)
Elesin V. F. , Opyonov L A. , Kholmovskii E. G. , Molotkov S. N. , Nazin S. S. , Applicability of the slave-boson method for calculating the electronic structure of multiband systems with strong Coulomb correlations 965  (941)
Khusainov M. G. , Indirect RKKY exchange and magnetic states of layered ferromagnet-superconductor structures 972  (947)
Demikhov E. I. , Dimensional crossover of the phase diagram in ferroelectric smectic free-standing films 977  (951)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.