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VOLUME 62 (1995) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ignatovich V. K. , Additional neutron lifetime result obtained from ultracold-neutron storage experiments 1  (3)
Krasnikov N. V., The phenomenology of scalar color octets 7  (9)
Gurevich V. L. , Rudin A. M., Phonon contribution to the noise of a one-channel Landauer resistor 12  (13)
Aleksandrov D. V. , Nikol'skii E. Yu. , Novatskii B. G., Stepanov D. N. , Bur'yan V., Kroga V. , Novak Ya. , New measurements of the mass of isotope 4H in reactions with a radioactive 6He beam and 6Li ions 18  (18)
Elizarov A. Yu. , Angular distribution of photoelectron emission as a result of three-photon ionization of Ba atoms 23  (23)
Bokhan P. A. , Zakrevskii D. E. , Powerful, self-stabilized, longitudinal, multiatmospheric-pressure discharge 27  (26)
Bryunetkin B. A. , Skobelev I. Yu. , Faenov A. Ya. , Kalashnikov M. P., Nickles P., Schnuerer M. , Anomalous intensities of the resonance lines of Ne-like ions in plasma produced by a picoscond laser pulse 32  (31)
Lyubovskii R. B. , Pesotskii S. I. , Lyubovskaya R. N., Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in the new organic conductor (ET)8[Hg4CI12(C6H5Br)2] 37  (35)
Trunin M. R., Zhukov A. A. , Edge barrier manifestation in the nonlinear microwave response of thin YBaCuO films 42  (39)
Kozub V. I. , Rudin A. M., Shot noise in mesoscopic diffusive conductors in the electron-temperature limit 49  (45)
Kotel'nikov I. N. , Shul'man A. Ya. , Varvanin N. A. , Ganichev S. D. , Mayerhofer B. , Prett W., Photoresistive effect in δ-doped GaAs/metal tunnel junctions 53  (48)
Krasheninnikov A. V., Opyonov L. A. , Elesin V. F. , Symmetry and anisotropy of the superconducting gap in layered cuprates: Analysis of experiments on photoemission and the influence of defects on the critical temperature 59  (53)
Volovik G. E. , Three nondissipative forces on a moving vortex line in superfluids and superconductors 65  (58)
Kandaurova G. S. , Kipshakbaeva J. A., Generation of ring domains and the formation of a dynamic grating of ring domains in an iron garnet film 72  (64)
Muzykantskii B. A. , Khmelnitskii D. E., Effective action in the theory of quasi-ballistic disordered conductors 76  (68)
Makhlin Yu. G. , Misirpashaev T. Sh. , Reactive force on a moving vortex from the adiabatic spectral flow 83  (74)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.