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VOLUME 46 (1987) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Afrosimov V. V. , Basalaev A. A., Lozhkin K. O., Panov M. N. , Filling of various electronic states in collisions of multiply charged argon ions with hydrogen atoms and molecules 107  (89)
Akulin V. M. , Vurdov V. D. , Karlov N. V. , Kozlov B. N. , Luk'yanov A. V. , Mamyrin B. A. , Masropyan D. G. , Sabirov A. L. , Khokhlov E. M., Shtarkov A. L , Shchebelin V. G. , IR laser fragmentation of the molecular ion CF3T+ 111  (92)
Preobrazhenskii V. L. , Rybakov V. P., Fetisov Yu. K. , Space-time focusing of a magnetostatic wave packet in a nonstationary medium 114  (94)
Dzyaloshinskii I. E. , Maximal increase of the superconducting transition temperature due to the presence of van't Hoff singularities 118  (97)
Krive I.V., Rozhavskii A. S. , Rubakov V. A., Tunneling mechanism for conversion of conduction electrons into a charge density wave at the interface between a metal and a Peierls insulator 121  (99)
Zimbovskaya N. A. , Okulov V. I. , Nature of the intensification of a cyclotron resonance in potassium in a normal magnetic field 125  (102)
Demokritov S. O. , Kreines N. M. , Kydinov V. I. , Petrov S. V. , Ferromagnetic resonance and the phase diagram of a 2D ferromagnet (CH3NH3)2CuCl4 128  (105)
Polyanovskii V. M. , The origin of "high-temperature" quantum oscillations of the magnetoresistance in semimetals 132  (108)
Shcherbakov A. S. , Katsnel'son M. I. , Trefilov A. V., Sorokin N. L., Valiulin E. G., Petrov A. N., Giant absorption of an rf electromagnetic field in conducting ceramics 136  (111)
Irklienko T. M., Korolyuk A. P., Khizhnyi V. I. , Interference of microwave excitations of the conversion of electromagnetic and acoustic waves in W 140  (114)
Mityagin Yu. A. , Murzin V. N. , Stoklitskii S. A., Trofimov I. E. , Anticrossing of Landau levels and stimulated emission of hot holes in germanium in the cyclotron-transition region 144  (116)
Gromov G. G. , Kapaev V. V., Kopaev Yu.V., Rudenko K. V. , Structural transformations in InSb induced by a strong electromagnetic radiation 148  (119)
Lushchik Ch.B, Kuusmann I. L , Fel'dbakh E. Kh., Vallaste K. E. , Liblik P. Kh. , Maaroos A. A., Meriloo I. A. , Savikhina T. I. , Electronic excitations and luminescence of Y1Ba2Cu307 superconducting metal-insulator ceramics 151  (122)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.