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VOLUME 40 (1984) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Buishvili L. L., Tugushi A. I., Spin-lattice relaxation of nuclei in semiquantum liquid hydrogen 823  (85)
Margulis A. D. , Margulis Vl. A., Exchange spin waves in a nonequilibrium system of oriented spins 826  (87)
Anisimov S. N. , Bolozdynya A. I., Stekhanov V. N. , Electron localization and drift under the surface of condensed krypton 829  (90)
Kopylov V. N. , Yanchenko S. S., Heat-flux-induced transport of a magnetic field frozen in an electron-hole bismuth plasma 833  (92)
Alkhazov G. D. , Barzakh A. E., Berlovich E. E. , Denisov V. P., Dernyatin A. G., Ivanov V. S., Letokhov V. S., Mishin V. l., Fedoseev V. N. , Shell effect in the isotopic dependence of the mean square charge radii of short-lived europium nuclei measured by laser photoionization detection on line with the accelerator 836  (95)
Ashurov M. Kh. , Basiev T. T., Burshtein A. l., Voron'kov Yu. K.,Osiko V. V. , Diffusive delocalization of electronic excitations through a disordered system of centers 841  (98)
Vas'kov V. V. , Gurevich A. V., Karfidov D. M. , Sergeichev K. F., Stochastic plasma "microtron" 844  (101)
Zhilyaev I. N. , Observation of the kinetic paramagnetic effect in bismuth 848  (104)
Bibik V. A. , Blonskii I. V., Brodin M. S., Davydova N. A. , Laser-induced structural phase transition in a PbI2 single crystal 851  (106)
Pavlovskii A. L , Druzhinin V. V., Tatsenko O. M., Kolokol'chikov N. P., Bykov A. I., Dolotenko M. I., Landau quantization and the intensity of interband absorption in gallium arsenide in superstrong magnetic fields 854  (108)
Sanina V. A. , Golovenchits E. I. , Smolenskii G. A., Thermally excited electric-dipole glass in crystals with Jahn-Teller ions 857  (110)
Basov N. G. ,Vasil'ev B. I. , Grasyuk A. Z. , Losev L. L. , Meshalkin E. A. , Laser-plasma detection of the difference frequency of two light waves 861  (114)
Zavaritskaya E. I. , Transport phenomena in germanium bicrystals in the region of nonmetallic conductivity 864  (116)
Zavaritskii N. V. , Omel'yanovskii O. E. , Acoustoelectric effect in silver 869  (120)
Anisimova V. N. , Filippov M. N. , Shuvalov L. A. , Unusual orientation of domain walls in the uniaxial ferroelectric crystal LiH3(Se03)2 873  (122)
Kravtsov A. V. , Popov N. P. , Solyakin G. E. , Muon catalysis of p -Z fusion reactions at Z > 1 875  (124)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.