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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kontorovich V. M. , Kats A. V., Krivitskii D. S., "Explosive" evolution of galaxies in a model of coalescence events and an epoch of quasar formation 1  (3)
Pivovarov A. A. , Factorization of the K^0-\bar{K}^0-mixing matrix element in left-right symmetry 6  (8)
Kharchev S., Marshakov A., Mironov A., Morozov A., Zabrodin A., Unification of all string models with c < 1 in the framework of generalized Kontsevich model 11  (13)
Pestov E. N. , Induction of collective phase coherence in a quantum system without a resonant phasing field 17  (19)
Lyubin V. M., Tikhomirov V. K., Optical bistability and critical slowing in the amorphous semiconductor GeS2 23  (25)
Ivanov M. A., Loktev V. M., Pogorelov Yu. G., Localized magnetic centers in the compound YBa_2Cu_3O_{6+x}(x\leq1) 27  (29)
Lisovskii F. V., Mansvetova E. G., New types of dynamic self-organization of the magnetic moment 32  (34)
Apal'kov V. M., Rashba E. I., Anomalous sign of the polaron effect for excitons interacting with an incompressible fluid 37  (38)
Gornakov V. S., Nikitenko V. I., Prudnikov I. V., Nonlinear dynamics of a unipolar domain wall 43  (44)
Kompan M. E., Venus G. B., Dimitrova O. V., Dynamic structural transition in the superionic conductor Na5RESi4O12 48  (48)
Andreev B. A., Golubev V. G., Emtsev V. V., Kropotov G. I., Oganesyan G. A., Schmalz K., Observation of thermal double donors in the energy spectrum of new donors in silicon 53  (52)
Gurovich E. V., Kats E. I., Lebedev V. V., Muratov A. R., Dynamic critical phenomena near a liquid-gas critical point 57  (56)
Karpov V. G., Fluctuations in the thermal expansion of disordered systems 60  (59)
Andreeva M. A., Belozerskii G. N., Grishin O. V., Semenov V. G., Irkaev B. M., Nikolaev V. I., Effect of background asymmetry in conversion-electron Mossbauer spectroscopy with total external reflection 63  (62)
Zaitsev A.V., Stimulation of superconductivity by a quasiparticle current in a multilayer superconducting tunnel structure 67  (66)
Marchenko V. I. , Domain structure in oxygen on a Cu(110) surface 73  (72)
Gruzinov A. V., Contour dynamics of the Hasegawa-Mima equation 76  (75)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.