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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 2 | PAGE 99
Method for calculating polarization and alignment from the NMR spectrum of polarized deuterons
Some practical formulas for calculating the polarization and the actual shape function of quadrupole-broadened NMR transitions have been found. The formulas use the spectrum of polarized deuterons with unresolved structure in the case of an axisymmetric tensor of the electric field gradient. A method has been developed for determining the polarization and the alignment on the sole basis of the amplitudes of three extrema in the NMR spectrum in the case of a Boltzmann distribution of spins. A good agreement is found with results of numerical calculations by means of algorithms which are far more complex. This agreement is found in the cases of both single and double quadrupole bonds in the molecules of the amorphous materials which are used most commonly as polarized targets. (This work was carried out in the Ultrahigh Energy Laboratory of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.)