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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Lokhman V. N., Makarov G. N., Sotnikov V. M., Erratum: Observation of anomalous absorption by ammonia in intense IR laser light [JETP Lett. 54, No. 3,117-180 (10 August 1991)] 257  (122)
Semikhatov A. M., Conformal theory of quantum gravity from integrable hierarchies 199  (205)
Vidyakin G. S., Vyrodov V. N., Gurevich I.I., Kozlov Yu. V., Martem'yanov V. P., Sukhotin S. V., Tarasenkov V. G., Turbin E. V., Khakhimov S. Kh., Limitations on the magnetic moment and charge radius of the electron antineutrino 206  (212)
Tkalya E. V., Excitation of low-lying isomer level of the nucleus 229Th by optical photons 211  (216)
Gel'mukhanov F. Kh., Spectral anomalies in the diffusive pulling of particles into a light beam or in the expulsion of particles from the beam 214  (219)
Belenov E. M., Nazarkin A. V., Prokopovich I. P., Dynamics of an intense femtosecond pulse in a Raman-active medium 218  (223)
Gaidarenko D. V., Leonov A. G., Panteleev A. A., Roslyakov V. A., Starostin A. N., Chekhov D. I., Instability of a laser beam with a negative detuning in a resonant medium 223  (228)
Zakhlenyuk N. A., Kochelap V. A., Sokolov V. N., Suppression of hot-electron fluctuations in semiconductors under size-effect conditions 228  (233)
Popov Yu. F., Kazei Z. A., Kadomtseva A. M., Linear magnetoelectric effect in Cr2O3 in strong magnetic fields 234  (238)
Nizhankovskii V. I., Sheftal' R. N., Zybtsev S. G., Oscillations in the work function of a single-crystal YBa2Cu3O7-δ film in a strong magnetic field 238  (242)
Kaminskii A. S., Safonov A. N., Fine structure in the spectrum of the recombination radiation of excitons bound to acceptors in silicon 242  (245)
Barash Yu. S., Galaktionov A. V., Fluctuational nonlocal diamagnetic response near the superconducting transition temperature 245  (248)
Ovchinnikov A.A., Anyons in the magnetic field and fractional quantum Hall effect 250  (252)
Kovalev V. F., Krivenko S. V., Pustovalov V. V., Symmetry group of the kinetic equations for a collisionless plasma 253  (256)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.