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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Popov A. D., Solutions of the Yang-Mills equation in d=4n dimensions for an arbitrary gauge group 259  (261)
Zakurdaev I. V., Milovzorov D. E., Ionization of sputtered atoms by resonant laser light near a surface 262  (265)
Red'ko N. A., Relaxation time of the interband scattering of Ls holes in the alloy p-Bi0.88Sb0.12 266  (268)
Dyugaev A. M., Effects of an electron plasmon interaction in a degenerate electron gas 269  (271)
Golo V. L., Kats E. I., Cholesteric-nematic texture transition in liquid crystals 273  (275)
Genenko Yu. A., Medvedev Yu. V., Convective heat transfer in layered high-Tc superconductors 279  (281)
Krivoruchko V. N. , Inversion wake of a moving Abrikosov vortex in a magnetic superconductor 284  (285)
Al'perovich V. L., Paulish A. G., Terekhov A. S., Yaroshevich A. S., The Fermi level is not pinned at the p-GaAs(100) surface during adsorption of cesium and oxygen 288  (289)
Borovik A. E., Zvyagin A. A., Popkov V. Yu., Strzhemechnyi Yu. M., Exactly solvable multichain quantum model 292  (293)
Lomov A. A., Shitov N. V., Bushuev V. A., Baranov A. I., Structural phase transition in a surface layer of cesium deuterosulfate single crystals 296  (297)
Pashitskii E. A., Anomalies in the isotope effect in high-Tc superconductors: evidence of a plasmon mechanism for superconductivity 300  (301)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.