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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Achasov N. N., Could the decay φ→γ KsKs hinder research on CP-invariance violation at φ factories? 375  (373)
Ispiryan K. A., Margaryan A. T., Ravinovich I. M., Coulomb production of relativistic hypernuclei 377  (375)
Alkhazov G. D., Lobodenko A. A., Possibility of determining the radius of the neutron halo in light exotic nuclei 379  (377)
Galkin O. N., Kravchenko V. I., Parkhomenko Yu. N., Light diffraction by multifrequency thick gratings 382  (380)
Kuplevakhskii S. V., Fal'ko I.I., Polarization states in the energy gap of superconductor-ferromagnet superlattices 387  (384)
Dmitrienko V. E., Universal structure unit for AlLiCu, AlMnSi, and AlFeCu quasicrystals 391  (388)
Galstyan T. V., Drnoyan V. E., Alaverdyan R. B., Arakelyan S. M., Chilingaryan Yu. S., Observation of light-induced hydrodynamic instabilities in a nematic liquid crystal in a single-mode laser beam 396  (392)
Gitsu D. V., Grozav A. D., Kistol V. G., Leporda N. I., Muntyanu F. M., Experimental observation of a superconducting phase with T_c\simeq 8.5 K in large-angle bismuth bicrystals 403  (398)
Lipson A. G., Sakov D. M., Gromov V. V., Observation of spontaneous polarization at a junction of a high-Tc superconductor with an insulator upon the phase transition to the superconducting state 408  (402)
Andreyashkin M. Yu., Basai A. Yu., Vorob'ev S. A., Zabaev V. N., Kalinin B. N., Kunashenko Yu. P., Pivovarov Yu. L., Coherence effect in the photoproduction of symmetric e+e- pairs in germanium and silicon crystals 413  (407)
Mefed A. E., Yaroslavtsev A. V., Zobov V. E., Ponomarenko A. V., Popov M. A., Decay of the free precession of nuclear spins in a solid in a rotating coordinate system under magic-angle conditions; three-spin interactions 418  (412)
Korotaev O. N., Kolmakov I. P., Shchanov M. F., Karpov V. P., Godyaev E. D., Anomalous thermal line broadening in the optical spectra of perylene in n-octane 424  (417)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.