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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Starobinskii A. A., Spectrum of adiabatic perturbations in the universe when there are singularities in the inflaton potential 489  (477)
Dobrotsvetov A. B., Fayans S. A., Dobretsov V. Yu., Atomic-binding effects in inelastic ν e scattering 495  (483)
Serebrov A. P., Romanenko N. V., Weak vector coupling from neutron β-decay and possible indications of right-handed currents 503  (490)
Chumakov A. I., Smirnov G. V., Andreev S. S., Salashchenko N. N., Shinkarev S. I. , Purely nuclear diffraction of γ radiation in a resonant multilayer mirror 509  (495)
Askar'yan G. A., Batanov G. M., Barkhudarov A. E., Gritsinin S. I., Korchagina E. G., Kossyi I. A., SilakovV. P., Tarasova N. M., Electron attachment explodes Freon molecules: New possibilities for removing Freons from the atmosphere 515  (500)
Inogamov N. A., Higher-order Fourier approximations and exact algebraic solutions in the theory of the hydrodynamic Rayleigh-Taylor instability 521  (505)
Pogutse O. P., Gruzinov A. V., Contour dynamics of the convection of a magnetized plasma 526  (509)
Gol'tsev A. V., Competition between the Kondo effect and magnetic ordering in a model which is exactly solvable asymptotically 530  (512)
Zaritskii I. M., Rakitina L. G., Konchits A. A., Corradi G., Polgar K., Nonresonant microwave absorption in LiNbO3:Mg:Cr(Fe) in low magnetic fields 535  (516)
Markelov A. V., Josephson effect for a nonideal Bose gas 539  (520)
Tulin V. A., Vuorimyaki A. N., Yulinen E. E., Punkkinen M., Temperature dependence of the spin-spin relaxation time of NMR in ferromagnetic CrBr3 541  (522)
Antipin V. A., Valeeva I. L., Lachinov A. N., Electroluminescence in thin polymer films with an anomalously high conductivity 545  (526)
Blomberg M. K., Merisalo M. Yu., Molchanov V. N., Tamazyan R. A., Simonov V. I., Atomic structure of Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 single crystals before and after the transition to the superconducting state 550  (530)
Levitov L. S., Lesovik G. B., Charge-transport statistics in quantum conductors 555  (534)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.