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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kirillov A. A., Quantum birth of a universe near a cosmological singularity 561  (541)
Ketov S. N., Machulin I. N., Mikaelyan L. A., Nikolaev S. V., Petrovichev O. A., Skorokhvatov M. D., Etenko A. V., Reactor experiments of a new type to detect neutrino oscillations 564  (544)
Obukhov A. I., Solyakin G. E., Many-body decay modes of massive nuclear-unstable fragments 568  (548)
Andreev N. E., Gorbunov L. M., Kirsanov V. I., Pogosova A. A., Ramazashvili R. R., Resonant excitation of wakefields by a laser pulse in a plasma 571  (551)
Petrov Yu. V., Resonant production of mesic molecules above thermal energies 577  (556)
Vinogradov S. E., Kachanov A. A., Kovalenko S. A., Sviridenkov E. A., Nonlinear dynamics of a multimode dye laser with an adjustable resonator dispersion and implications for the sensitivity of in-resonator laser spectroscopy 581  (560)
Milekhin A. G., Pusep Yu. A., Toropov A. I., Anharmonicity of GaAs optical vibrations in GaAs/AlAs superlattices 586  (564)
Irkhin V. Yu., Katsnel'son M. I., Formation of the magnetic state of a Kondo lattice 589  (567)
Molotkov S. N. , Electron paramagnetic resonance in a scanning tunneling microscope 593  (570)
Kosov A. A. , Variable valence and ESR of yttrium ceramics 597  (574)
Gorbachev V. S., Senatorov A. V., Thermodynamic description of a Josephson medium in a strong magnetic field 602  (578)
Ganenko V. B., Gushchin V. A., Zhebrovskii Yu. V., Kolesnikov L. Ya., Rubashkin A. L., Sorokin P. V., Electron emission from a diamond single crystal 606  (582)
Panyukov S. V. , Ginzburg-Landau approach in the theory of polymer structures 608  (584)
Amosov K. Yu., Vnukov I. E., Kalinin B. N., Naumenko G. A., Potylitsyn A. P., Sarychev V. P., Effect of the channeling of ultrarelativistic electrons on the spectrum of coherent bremsstrahlung of type B 612  (587)
Volkov V. E., Vasil'ev A. D., Kovalev Yu. G., Ovchinnikov S. G., Fokina N. P., Chernov V. K., Aleksandrov K. S., Electron-conductivity high-Tc superconductor with cubic symmetry 616  (591)
Korsukov V. E., Luk'yanenko A. S., Obidov B. A., Svetlov V. N., Transformation of the surface of the amorphous alloy Fe70Cr15B15 under stress 621  (595)
Bar'yakhtar V. G., Ivanov B. A., Nonlinear vortex excitations (solitons) in a 2D magnetic material of the YBaCuO type 624  (598)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.