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VOLUME 55 (1992) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Al'perovich V. L. , Paulish A. G., Terekhov A. S., Yaroshevich A. S., Erratum: The Fermi level is not pinned at the p-GaAs(100) surface during adsorption of cesium and oxygen [JETP Lett. 55, 288-292 (1992)] 702  ()
Simonov Yu. A. , Calculating deconfinement temperature through the scale anomaly in gluodynamics 627  (605)
Volkov A. A., Kostritskii A. V., Abramov V. V., Baldin B. Yu., Buzulutskov A. F., Glebov V. Yu., Goncharov P. I., Gruzhiev A. N., Dyshkant A. S., Evdokimov V. N., Efimov A. O., Korneev Yu. P., Krinitsyn A. N., Kryshkin V. I., Mel'nik Yu. M., Podstavkov V. M., Ronzhin A. I., Sulyaev R. M., Turchanovich L. K., Churakov V. V.,Yakutin A. E., Angular distribution of parton-parton scattering found from the production of hadron pairs in pp collisions at (s)1/2 = 11.5 GeV 632  (610)
Ginzburg I. F., Kotkin G. L., Serbo V. G., Polityko S. I., Coherent bremsstrahlung in colliding beams 637  (614)
Darbinyan S. P., Petrashen' P. V., Chukhovskii F. N., Possibility of solving the inverse problem of diffractive scattering with dynamic effects 642  (618)
Il'in V. D., Kuznetsov S. N., Yushkov B. Yu., Il'in I. V., Quasiadiabatic model of charged-particle motion in a dipole magnetic confinement system under conditions of dynamic chaos 645  (621)
Kovan I. A., Chernov A. A., Current drive in a tokamak through the trapping of ions in magnetic wells of a travelling fast magnetosonic wave 650  (625)
Averkiev N. S., Asnin V. M., Churilov A. B., Markov I.I., Mokrousov N. E., Silov A Yu., Stepanov V. I., Fine structure of the red photoluminescence band of porous silicon 657  (631)
Tsendin K. D. , Role of hybridization in the polaron mechanism for the formation of U- centers, soft potentials, and two-well potentials 661  (635)
Andrianov A. V. , Unambiguous dependence of the period of the helicoidal magnetic structure in heavy magnetic rare-earth materials on the ratio c/a of the crystal lattice; possible association with an electron topological transition 666  (639)
Khramov D. A., Glazkova M. A., Urusov V. S., Ovanesyan N. S., Rusakov V. S., Magnetic fields at the nuclei of diamagnetic tin atoms in the spin glass Fe2TiO5 670  (642)
Nagaev E. L. , New type of self-localization state of carriers in an antiferromagnetic semiconductor 675  (646)
Baskin E. M. , Gusev G. M., Kvon Z. D., Pogosov A. G., Entin M. V., Stochastic dynamics of 2D electrons in a periodic lattice of antidots 678  (649)
Korneev D. A., Chernenko L. P., Petrenko A. V., Balalykin N. I., Skrypnik A. V., Anomalous behavior of the diamagnetic profile of superconducting niobium near a vacuum boundary 683  (653)
Zhitomirskii V. E. , Anomalies in the magnetoresistance of 2D electrons during the filling of the second quantum-size subband in an AlGaAs-GaAs heterojunction: intersubband scattering 687  (657)
Aleiner I. L., Ivchenko E. L., Anisotropic exchange splitting in type-II GaAs/AlAs superlattices 692  (662)
Murzin S. S. , Suppression of localization in quasi-1 D systems by electromagnetic fluctuations 696  (665)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.