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VOLUME 39 (1984) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Brovchenko I. V. , Valkunas L. L. , Vektaris G. B., Ostapenko N. I., Shpak M. T. , Bound states of an exciton and a fully symmetrical phonon near defects of a naphthalene crystal 123  (105)
Golant V. E. , Grigor'ev A. V., Gryaznevich M. P., Lebedev S. V., Lipin B. M., Rozhdestvenskii V. V. , Sakharov N. V. , Shakhovets K. G. , Ohmic heating in the Tuman-3 tokamak in a weak magnetic field 126  (108)
Zhdanov S. K. , Trubnikov B. A. , Soliton chains in a plasma with magnetic viscosity 129  (110)
Kuznetsov S. P. , Effect of a periodic external perturbation on a system which exhibits an order-chaos transition through period-doubling-bifurcations metal-insulator-semiconductor 133  (113)
Kats V. A. , Trubetskov D. I., Onset of chaos during the disruption of quasiperiodic regimes and transition through intermittence in a distributed generator with retardation 137  (116)
Zapesochnyi I. P. , Semenyuk Ya. N. , Dashchenko A. I. , Imre A. I. , Zapesochnyi A. I., Dielectronic recombination of the helium ion 141  (120)
Krasnoperov L. N. , Panfilov V. N. , Strunin V. P., Chapovskii P. L, Photoinduced-drift separation of the o and p-modifications of CH3F 143  (122)
Vashkovskii A. V. , Zubkov V. I., Krutsenko I. V., Melkov G. A., Amplification of traveling magnetostatic waves by a parametric pump 146  (124)
Osip'yan Yu. A. , Prokopenko V. M. , Tal'yanskii V. I., Energy levels of Se in Ge 149  (126)
Deryabin A. V. , T'kov A. V., Frequency dependence of the "freezing" point of the spin glass Fe15Ni35Mn20 153  (129)
Kartoshkin V. A. , Klement'ev G. V., Mel'nikov V. D., Measurements of the rate constant for orientation transfer in the H(1 2S1/2)- He(2 3S,) system and determination of the rate constant for spin exchange 156  (132)
Krivnov V. Ya. , Ovchinnikov A. A., Peierls instability in 1D Fermi systems with a weak interaction 159  (134)
Dzyaloshinskii I. E. , Fractional quantum Hall effect from the viewpoint of magnetic symmetry 162  (137)
Malakhov B. A. , Stepanov G. V., Photostimulated excitation of current oscillations in a semiconductor structure 164  (138)
Volkov A. A. , Goncharov Yu. G. , Kozlov G. V., Kocharyan K. N., Lebedev S. P., Prokhorov A. S. , Prokhorov A. M., Measurement of the magnetic spectrum of YFeO3 by the method of submillimeter dielectric spectroscopy 166  (140)
Pudalov V. M. , Semenchinskii S. G. , Fractional quantization of the Hall resistivity in silicon metal-insulatorsemiconductor structures 170  (143)
Bol'shov L. A. , Pokrovskii V. L , Uimin G. V., The interface in the problem of equilibrium crystallization 173  (145)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.