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VOLUME 56 (1992) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Markov M. A. , The very late universe 181  (185)
Elizalde E., Odintsov S. D., Renormallzation of 2D quantum gravity with matter in connection with black holes 185  (189)
Ivanenko I. P., Kopenkin V. V., Managadze A. K., Rakobol'skaya I. V., Alignment in gamma-hadron families of cosmic rays and interaction characteristics at E_0\sim 10^{16} eV 188  (192)
Khasilev V. Ya. , Envelope solitons with different carrier frequencies in a dispersive nonlinear medium 194  (197)
Ivanov B. A., Logginov A. S., Mazewski A., Rozanova T. B., Stankiewicz, Dynamic domain reorientation in pulsed magnetic fields 198  (201)
Goryachev E. G., Kuznetsov D. V., Paramagnetic susceptibility and paramagnet-ferromagnet crossover in the ground state of the U= Hubbard model 203  (205)
Klinger M. I. , Taraskin S. N., Electron self-trapping in a two-band system 207  (209)
Zhitomirskii V. E., Itskevich I. E., Kirpichev V. E., von Klitzing K., Kukushkin I. V., Timofeev V. B., Anomalous temperature dependence of magnetooptic oscillations in the intensity of the recombination radiation of 2D electrons 213  (215)
Kagan Yu., Kikoin K. A., Prokof'ev N. V., Effective-mass renormalization and de Haas-van Alphen effect in heavy-fermion systems 219  (221)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.