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VOLUME 39 (1984) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Yankauskas Z. K. , Self-focusing of Gaussian helicon beams in a magnetized solid-state plasma 223  (189)
Isichenko M. B. , Chukbar K. V., Rarefaction shock wave in a system with a reversed magnetic field 225  (191)
KovrazhkinR. A. , Mogilevskii M. M. , Molchanov O. A. , Gal'perin Yu. I. , Dzhordzhio N. V., Boske Zh. M., Rem A. , Precipitation of protons from the earth's magnetosphere stimulated by artificial low-frequency radiation 228  (193)
Artemenkov L. I. , Akhmerov N. A. , Bogdanov V. F., Vukolov K. Yu., Melikhov Yu. V. , Gott I. A., Grodzinskii E. V. , Gurov A. A. , Kovan I. A., Monakhov S. G , Mal'tsev P. A., Mukhin P. I. , Papkov L N. , Popryadukhin A. P., Sotnikov S. M., Yusupov K. Kh., Chuyanov V. A. , Shvindt N. N., Shurygin R. V. , Preliminary experimental results on ion cyclotron heating in the TO-2 tokamak 232  (196)
Gornakov V. S. , Dedukh L. M. , NikitenkoV. I., Nonlinear excitations in quasi-two-dimensional system of spins localized in a Bloch wall 236  (199)
Knizhnik V. G. , Morozov A. Yu., Renormalization of topological charge 240  (202)
Arkhipov N. I. , Zhitlukhin A. M. , Safronov V. M., Sidnev V. V. , Skvortsov Yu. V., Collisionless shock wave in a supersonic plasma stream with β 1 244  (205)
Ionov A. N. , Shlimak I. S., Effect of localized states near the metal-insulator transition on the conductivity and magnetoconductivity of strongly doped n -germanium 247  (208)
Bagraev N. T. , Mashkov V. A. , Negative-U tunnelling centers and photostimulated reactions in semiconductors 251  (211)
Popkov N. G. , Method of eigenfunctions and noneigenfunctions in the theory of the beam-plasma instability of a spatially bounded electron beam 255  (214)
Bufetov I. A. , Prokhorov A. M. , Fedorov V. B., Fomin V. K. , Optical discharge accompanying a restriction imposed on lateral expansion of gas and a reduction in the threshold of light-induced detonation 258  (216)
Matveev V. V. , Medvedeva I. V. , Prut V. V., Suslov P. A., Shibaev S. A. , Adiabatic equation of state for hydrogen up to 150kbar 261  (219)
Akimov B. A. , Brandt N. B., Nikorich A. V., Ryabova L I. , Sokovishin V. V. , Strain-induced correlation of self-localized states in Pb1-xSnxTe(In) 265  (222)
Kadomtsev B. B. , Pogutse O. P. , Theory of electron transport in a strong magnetic field 269  (225)
Kurchanov A. F. , Certain aspects of a gauge theory 272  (228)
Choban E. A. , Lepton spectrum for dimuons of the same sign in a neutrino-nucleon interaction 275  (230)
Gendenshtein L. E. , Supersymmetry in the problem of an electron in a nonuniform magnetic field 280  (234)
Dineikhan M. , Efimov G. V. , Nogovitsyn E. A., Hadronic decays of the τ-lepton in the virton-quark model 283  (237)
Adamyan F. V., Akopyan G. G. , Vartapetyan G. A., Galumyan P. I. , Grabskii V. O. , KarapetyanV. V. , Karapetyan G. V., Asymmetry of the cross section for the reaction γ d → γ n induced by linearly polarized γ rays in the energy region Eγ =0.4-0.8 GeV and θc.mρ=450-950 286  (239)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.