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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kotikov A. V. , The behavior of deep-inelastic-scattering structure function ratio R(x,Q2) at small values of x 1  (3)
Nikolaev N. N., Zakharov B. G., Zoller V. R., The S-channel approach to Lipatov's pomeron and hadronic cross sections 6  (8)
Tkalya E. V., Anomalies in nuclear excitation by atomic-shell electron transitions 13  (15)
Kosachev D. V., Rozhdestvenskii Yu. V., Sub-Doppler cooling of A atoms in the field of two standing waves with a spatial phase shift 18  (20)
Aver'yanov E. M. , Splitting of polarized impurity-fluorescence bands in the steady-state spectrum of an isotropic solution 23  (24)
Kats E. I., Lebedev V. V., Muratov A. R., Fluctuation viscosity of a solution of wormlike micelles 27  (28)
Zolot'ko A. S. , Kitaeva V. F., Light-induced reorientation of a smectic liquid crystal with memory 33  (34)
Aronov A. G., Kravtsov V. E., Lerner I. V., Level spacing distribution near the Anderson transition 39  (40)
Mitrofanov V. Ya. , Fishman A. Ya., Tsukerblat B. S., Mechanism for nonuniform broadening of the NMR spectrum of orbitally degenerate centers in crystals with mixed-valence ions 45  (46)
Mukhin A. A., Fedorov I. V., Egoyan A. E., Lebedev S. P., Kozlov G. V., Prokhorov A. S., Balbashov A. M., Parsegov I. Yu., Spin excitations and new orientational transition in a holmium orthoferrite with magnetic vacancies: HoFe1-xAlxO3 49  (50)
Voloshin I. F., Fisher L. M., Gorbachev V. S., Savel'ev S. E., Yampol'skii V. A., Nonlocal effects and surface impedance of a plate of a hard superconductor 55  (55)
Krylov S. Yu., Prosyanov A. V., Borman V. D., Maksimov L. A., New mechanism shaping the distribution of particles desorbed from a surface 60  (60)
Ioffe L. B., Larkin A. I., Millis A. J., Altshuler B. L., Theory of the spin gap in bilayer cuprates 65  (65)
Ananikyan N. S., Izmailyan N. Sh., Shcherbakov R. R., Exact solution of the Blume-Emery-Griffiths model on a Bethe lattice 71  (71)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.