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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vorob'ev L. S., Grishuk Yu. G., Efremenko Yu. V., Kosov M. V., Kuleshov S. V., Leksin G. A., Pivnyuk N. A., Smirnitskii A. V., Fedorov V. B., Shvartsman B. B., Shuvalov S. M., Shchepkin M. G. , Search for a narrow resonance in the ppπ- system 77  (75)
Karabutov A. A., Kudinov I. A., Platonenko V. T., Sogoyan M. A. , Thermal radiation of periodic metal surfaces 81  (79)
Beregulin E. V., Voronov P. M., Ivanov S.V., Kop'ev P. S., Yaroshetskii I. D. , Experimental observation of drag of 2D electrons by far-IR light 85  (83)
Murav'ev A. V., Pavlov S. G., Orlova E. E., Shastin V. N. , Effects of shallow acceptors in a germanium hot-hole laser 89  (86)
Beterov I. M. , Ryabtsev I. I., Observation of two-photon potential scattering of Rydberg sodium atoms by a microwave field 94  (91)
Andreiko M. V., Askinazi L. G., Golant V. E., Kornev V. A., Lebedev S. V., Levin L. S., Razdobarin G. T., Rozhdestvenskii V. V., Tukachinskii A. S., Yaroshevich S. P., Energy-confinement features observed in experiments with the ohmic H mode in the TUMAN-3 tokamak 98  (94)
Bazylev V. A. , Goloviznin V. V., Schep T., Tulupov A. V., Possible excitation of nonlinear plasma waves by a relativistic electron beam 103  (98)
D'yachenko A. N., Kuznetsov E. A., Instability and self-focusing of solitons in the boundary layer 108  (103)
Pusep Yu. A. , Resonant penetration of optical vibrational modes in ultrathin (GaAs)n(Al0.5Ga0.5As)n superlattices 114  (109)
Bagautdinov B. Sh., Shmyt'ko I. M., Gladkii V. V., Kallaev S. N., Kirikov V. A., Multiwave modulated states in TMA-ZnCl4 crystals 119  (113)
Zinov'eva K. N., Narmoneva D. A., Semenov A. S., Effect of the transition from the normal state to the superconducting state on the phonon transmission through liquid 4He-metal interface 124  (118)
Brazhkin V. V., Lyapin A. G., Popova S. V., Sapelkin A. V., Semiconductor-metal transition in amorphous gallium antimonide at high pressure 130  (123)
Falkovsky L. A., Klama S., Surface electronic fluctuations in metals 135  (127)
Rudenko E. V., Sukhov A. V., Photoinduced electrical conductivity and photorefraction in a nematic liquid crystal 142  (133)
Belinskii A. V. , Nonlocal Bell's paradoxes for an arbitrary number of observers 147  (137)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.