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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Martynovich A. Yu. , Erratum: Two-dimensional vortices in a stack of thin anisotropic superconducting films [JETP Lett. 58, No. 10, 750-755 (25 November 1993) 226  ()
Gal'per A. M., Zemskov V. M., Luchkov B. I., Ozerov Yu. V., Tugaenko V. Yu., Khodarovich A. M., Temporal fine structure in hard γ radiation in solar flares 153  (145)
Popov V. S., Mur V. D., Sergeev A. V., Critical fields and above-barrier Stark resonances 158  (150)
Tikhomolov E. M., Sustenance of vortex structures in a rotating fluid layer heated from below 163  (155)
Roshchin I. V., Stepankin V. N., Yakovets Yu. P., Baranov M. A., Kuznetsov A. V., Zhigunov D. I., Shiryaev S. V., Anomalous behavior of the critical current of a grain-boundary Josephson junction in a bulk (Ba,K)BiO3 bicrystal 168  (159)
Rozenbaum V. M., Coulomb interactions of polar molecules on symmetric plane lattices 173  (163)
Constantinian K. Y., Amatuni L. E., Martirosyan R. M., Direct observation of a Riedel peak at a YBaCuO end-type Josephson junction 178  (167)
Bagautdinov B. Sh., Shmyt'ko I. M., Diffraction evidence of the formation of defect-density waves in incommensurate modulated structures 182  (171)
Sanadze T. I. , Fourier transformation of rf discrete saturation in ESR 187  (175)
Molotkov S. N., New mechanism for current modulation in a static magnetic field in a scanning tunneling microscope 190  (178)
Borman V. D., Starodub D. G., Talyzin D. I., Tronin V. N., Troyan V. I., Anomalous density fluctuations in a nonequilibrium gas-adsorbate system 195  (182)
Devyatov I. A., Kupriyanov M. Yu., Resonant tunneling and long-range proximity effect 200  (187)
Gorbatsevich A. A., Tokatly I. V., Phase separation in correlated systems with a short-range order 206  (193)
Katsnel'son M. I., Trefilov A. V. , Local distortions, insulating regions, and nature of the high-resistance state in titanium- and zirconium-based metastable alloys 211  (198)
Bonca J., Balatsky A. V. , Composite operators for a BCS superconductor 216  (202)
Soroka V. A., Quantization of systems based on the odd Poisson bracket 219  (205)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.