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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kogan I. I., Squeezed quantum state of a disoriented chiral condensate 307  (289)
Ryazhskaya O. G., Ryasny V. G., Saavedra O., Detection of neutrino flavor oscillations during observation of a neutrino burst from a stellar collapse in the galaxy 315  (297)
Aleksandrov D. V., Nikol'skii E. Yu., Novatskii B. G., Stepanov D. N., Possible observation of an excited state of the 3H nucleus in the reaction H(6He,α) 320  (301)
Grechko V. E., Zombkovskii S. M., Korolev Yu. V., Solov'ev V. V., Turov V. F., Chadeeva M. V., Chuvilo I. V. , Determination of the deuteron momentum distribution in the 4He nucleus from data on the reaction 4He p→ pdd at an initial nuclear momentum of 2.7 GeV/c 325  (305)
Lepekhin F. G., Seliverstov D. M., Simonov B. B., Certain aspects of the transverse-momentum distribution of fragments of relativistic 6Li nuclei in a nuclear emulsion 332  (312)
Glagolev V. V., Gulamov K. G., Kratenko M. Yu., Lipin V. D., Lutpullaev S. L., Olimov K., Yuldashev A. A., Shokirov I. E., Yuldashev B. S., Yield of the mirror nuclei 3He and 7Li, 7Be in interactions of relativistic oxygen nuclei with protons 336  (316)
Oraevskii A. N., Bandy D. K., Superluminous propagation of light in a resonant gain medium in connection with dynamic chaos 340  (319)
Gerasimenko V. I., Mazilova T. I., Mikhailovskii I. M., Sadanov E. V., Ion-microscopy determination of the energy of intrinsic interstitial atoms 344  (323)
Gavrilenko V. I., Kozlov I. N., Kuznetsov O. A., Moldavskaya M. D., Nikonorov V. V., Orlov L. K., Chernov A. L., Cyclotron resonance of charge carriers in strained Ge/Ge1-xSix heterostructures 348  (327)
Andreeva N. P., Sabirov L. M., Behavior of the electrostriction coefficient in a β-picoline-water solution with a singular point 353  (331)
Borisova I. A., Ponomarev Ya. G., Rakhimov Kh. T., Sudakova M. V., Tsokur E. B., Shcherbakov N. A., Yarygin A. V., Kraak W., Krapf A., Os'kina T. E., Tret'yakov Yu. D., Determination of the gap in Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O (2:2:1:2-phase) superconducting whiskers by tunneling spectroscopy 357  (334)
Visser A. D., Kadushkin V. I., Kul'bachinskii V. A., Kytin V. G., Senichkin A. P., Shangina E. L., Quasi-1D electron channels and 2D electron gas in structures with vicinal faces of GaAs δ-doped with tin 363  (340)
Anokhin A. O., Gal'perin M. L., Gornostyrev Yu. N., Katsnel'son M. I., Trefilov A. V., Possible localization of electrons at dislocations, disclinations, and grain boundaries in metals 369  (345)
Topnikov V. N., Pesotskii S. I., Laukhin V. N., Hall effect in the organic conductor (ET)2TIHg(SCN)4 374  (349)
Dmitriev V. V., Fomin I. A., Coherently processing spin structure in a normal Fermi liquid 378  (353)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.