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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Dmitriev V. V., Fomin I. A., Erratum: Coherently precessing spin structure in a normal Fermi liquid [JETP Letters 59, 378-384 (1994)] 501  ()
Kalashnikov O. K. , Nonperturbative equation for the infrared 44(0) limit in the temporal axial gauge 453  (433)
Polikarpov M. I., Chernodub M. N., Abelian projection of gluodynamics and confinement on a lattice 459  (439)
Litvinskii L. L., Libman V. A., Inelastic scattering of neutrons and energy dependence of the p-neutron strength function 462  (442)
Kirzhnitz D. A., Shpatakovskaya G. V., Correction of the statistical model of matter near nuclei 467  (446)
Elesin V. F., Possibility of a diffusion-recombination instability in a solid with two types of defects 472  (451)
Altukhov I. V., Kagan M. S., Korolev K. A., Sinis V. P., Intracenter population inversion as the reason for induced emission in highly deformed p-type Ge 476  (455)
Gutlyanskii E. D., Entrainment of a vortex structure by a longitudinal ultrasonic wave 480  (459)
Popov M. A., Aleksandrova I. P., Primak S. V., Effect of fluctuations on the NQR spectrum in the incommensurate phase of a Cs2ZnI4 crystal 485  (464)
Gerasimchuk V. S., Gorobets Yu. I., Deville Kavelin K., Structural phase transitions in lattices of magnetic bubbles 488  (467)
Milekhin A. G., Pusep Yu. A., Preobrazhenskii V. V., Semyagin B. R., Lubyshev D. I., Localization of transverse optical phonons of GaAs in GaAsGa1-xAs periodic structures with paired quantum wells 493  (471)
Antonov N. V., Random resistor network as a (-1)-component Landau-Ginzburg model 497  (475)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.