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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Anselm A. A., Bander M., Distribution of neutral and charged pions through the production of a classical pion field 503  (479)
Vorob'ev P. V., Search for an exotic long-range interaction which breaks rand P parity 510  (486)
Kononets Yu. V., Tupitsyn I. S., Above-barrier γ-ray emission by ultrahigh-energy electrons in oriented single crystals 516  (491)
Blazhevich S. V., Bochek G. L., Gavrikov V. B., Kulibaba V. I., Maslov N. I., Nasonov N. N., Pirogov V. N., Safronov A. G., Torgovkin A. V., Observation of an interference of coherent bremsstrahlung and parametric mechanisms for radiation by relativistic electrons in a crystal 524  (498)
Kutvitskii V. A., Solov'ev L. S., Equilibrium and stability of ellipsoidal plasmoids 527  (501)
Maksimov A. V., Silin V. P., Damping of ion acoustic waves in a plasma with rare collisions in connection with nonlocal hydrodynamics 534  (507)
Bogdanov S. Yu., Burilina V. B., Markov V. S., Frank A. G., Formation of current sheets in 3D magnetic fields with a null point 537  (510)
Bereznyak P. A., Velikodnaya O. A., Mazilova T. I., Mikhailovskii I. M., Fine structure of symmetric grain boundaries in tungsten 542  (515)
Zyryanov V. Ya., Smorgon S. L., Zhulkov V. A., Shabanov V. F., Memory effects in polymer-encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals 547  (520)
Petrashov V. T., Antonov V. N., Maksimov S. V., Shalkhaldarov R. Sh., Conductivity of mesoscopic structures with ferromagnetic and superconducting regions 551  (523)
Gippius N. A., Tikhodeev S. G., Kulakovskii V. D., Forchel A., Optical polarization effects in semiconductor/vacuum nanostructures 556  (527)
Kovalev A. E., Pesotskii S. I., Gilevskii A., Kushch N. D., Fermi surface in the organic superconductor (BEDO-TTF)2ReO4 • H2O 560  (530)
Ozol'-Kalnin V. G., Link energy and universality class of a swollen annular knot-free homopolymer chain 565  (535)
Ovchinnikov Yu. N., Vagner I. D., Dyugaev A. M., Nuclear spin relaxation via dipolar interaction in a two-dimensional electron gas 569  (539)
Lebedev V. V., L'vov V. S., Scaling of correlation functions of velocity gradients in hydrodynamic turbulence 577  (546)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.