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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Dremin I. M. , Fractional moments of distributions 585  (561)
Gordeev V. A., Kiselev A. Yu., Aleshin N. P., Komarov E. N., Miklukho O. V., Naryshkin Yu. G., Sknar' V. A., Sulimov V. V., Tkach I. I., Abazov V. M., Baranov V. A., Bragin A. N., Gustov S. A., Kravchuk N. P., Mamedov T. N., Mirokhin I. V., Savchenko O. V., Fursov A. P., Analysis of results of an experimental study of the probability for muonium-antimuonium conversion and of background processes in a separated beam of "surface" muons of the phasotron of the Nuclear Reactions Laboratory of the Joint Institute for Nuclear R 589  (565)
Lipatov L. N., Asymptotic behavior of multicolor QCD at high energies in connection with exactly solvable spin models 596  (571)
Novoselov G. M., Litvinskii L. L., Vorona P. N., Grebnev A. V., Krivenko V. G., Murzin A. V., Purtov O. A., Total neutron cross sections and average parameters of the resonances of the 115In nucleus in the energy range E=2-614 keV 600  (575)
Ginzburg I. F. , Why is the odderon contribution invisible in the high-energy total cross sections? 605  (579)
Klimov V. V., Letokhov V. S., Selection of particles by a gradient force in the near field of laser light 608  (582)
Platonov K. Yu., Fleiishman G. D., Resonant polarization bremsstrahlung in a plasma 613  (586)
Marchenko V. I., Spin rigidity 618  (590)
Lukomskii V. P. , New type of solitary gravity wave at the surface of a deep liquid 622  (593)
Spivak B., Zhao H.L., Feng S., Magnetic field dependence of the localization length on the dielectric side of metal-insulator transitions 628  (599)
Kabanov Yu. P., Dedukh L M., Nikitenko V. I., Spectrum of excitations of a 180 domain wall containing Bloch lines and points 635  (605)
Dyugaev A., Wagner I., Ovchinnikov Yu., Dynamic polarization of liquid 3He at high temperatures 640  (610)
Budantsev M. V., Kvon Z. D., Pogosov A. G., Litvin L. V., Mansurov V. G., Migal' V. P., Moshchenko S. P., Nastaushev Yu. V., Mesoscopic conductance fluctuations in an electron billiard 645  (614)
Bolotin Yu. L., Gonchar V. Yu., Granovskii M. Ya., Possibility of observing an anomalous chaos-to-regularity transition 651  (620)
Burlak G. N., Stochastic resonance and self-organization in a parametric interaction 656  (625)
Kopaev A. V., Rudenko V. N., Spectroscopy of vibrations of the earth by means of gravitational-wave interferometers 661  (630)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.