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VOLUME 35 (1982) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Mokrushin A. D., Khvostov D. V. , Positron absorption in silicon 159  (133)
Alikaev V. V. , Berlizov A. B. , Bobrovskii G. A. , Vertiporokh A. N. , Esipchuk Yu. V. , Kislov A. Ya. , Notkin G. E. , Razumova K. A. , Shcheglov D. A. , New results on the local electron thermal conductivity in the T-10 tokamak 163  (136)
Bykovskii Yu. A., Lagoda V. B. , Oblizin A. N. , Nature of the hot plasma formations in high-current pinches 168  (139)
Shtykov M.M., Blinov L. M., Dorozhkin A. M. , Barnik M. I., Generation of the second optical harmonic in liquid crystals 171  (142)
Rautian S. G. , Safonov V. P. , Chernobrod B. M. , Degeneracy of energy levels in the cooperative Raman scattering of light 174  (144)
Buzdin A. I. , Bulaevskii L. N., Panyukov S. V., Critical-current oscillations as a function of the exchange field and thickness of the ferromagnetic metal (F) in an S-F-S Josephson junction 178  (147)
Baranov A. V. , Bobovich Ya. S., Higher-order surface-enhanced Raman scattering 181  (149)
Rozenbaum V. M., Ogenko V. M., Phase transition in a two-dimensional system of dipoles 184  (151)
Mikhailov M.I., Pustovitov V. D. , Shafranov V. D. , Two-dimensional scalar equilibrium equation for a stellarator 186  (152)
Bagratashvili V. N. , Burimov V. N. , Deev L. E., Kudryavtsev Yu. A., Kuz'min M. V., Letokhov V. S. , Sviridov A. P., Observation of electronic predissociation of vibrationally overexcited polyatomic molecules 189  (155)
Andronik K. I. , Pudalov V. M. , Sensitivity spectrum of a superconducting attometer 192  (157)
Ionov A. N., Shlimak I. S. , Effect of pressure on the magnetoconductivity of heavily doped n-type germanium 196  (160)
Genkin G. M. , Nozdrin Yu. N. , Tokman I. D. , Shastin V. N. , Direct observation of photomagnetization of the ferromagnet CdCr2Se4 by circularly polarized light 199  (162)
Bor T. , Pokrovskii V. L. , Talapov A. L., A transition from a commensurate phase to an incommensurate phase in a continuous medium with dislocations 203  (165)
Bufetov I. A. , Prokhorov A. M. , Fedorov V. B. , Fomin V. K., Hydrodynamic interaction of slow-burning laser discharges and its use to study the gas motion in a discharge 206  (167)
Ambartsumyan R. V., Akhmanov S. A. , Brodnikovskii A. M., Gladkov S. M. , Evseev A. V., Zadkov V. N. , Karimov M. G., Koroteev N. I. , Puretskii A. A., Coherent active Raman spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules during many-photon excitation 210  (170)
Kiselev A. V. , Hadron multiplicity in jets in e+e- annihilation 215  (174)
Gonin N. N. , Kozlovskii L. K., Masterov V. S., Rabotnov N. S. , Stavisskii Yu. Ya., Tambovtsev D. I. , Effects of polarization of the target nuclei in fission of 235U by neutrons 218  (176)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.