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VOLUME 35 (1982) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Efremova R.I., Matizen E. V. , Density relaxation during a rapid transition of 4He from the two-phase state to the single-phase state near the vaporization critical point 281  (225)
Golo V. L., Leman A. A. , Nonlinear spin relaxation in superfluid 3He-B in the absence of an external magnetic field 284  (227)
Nemirovskii S. K., Tsoi A. N. , Generation of vortices in He II by a powerful thermal pulse 286  (229)
Bogdanov S. Yu. , Markov V. S. , Frank A. G., Change in the magnetic field configuration during the explosive destruction of a current sheet 290  (232)
Voloshin I. F. , Podlevskikh N. A. , Skobov V. G., Fisher L. M. , Chernov A. S. , Determination of the specularity coefficient for surface reflection of electrons from doppleron oscillations 294  (235)
Al'tshuler S. A. , Kudryashov A. A., Teplov M. A. , Terpilovskii D. N. , Effect of magnetostriction on the NMR spectra of Van Vleck paramagnets 299  (239)
Fomin I. A. , Kamenskii V. G. , Effect of rotation on the NMR signal in the helium-3 A phase 302  (241)
Kotyuzhanskii B. Ya., Prozorova L. A. , Parametric excitation of phonons in antiferromagnetic FeBO3 305  (244)
Vitlina R. Z., Chaplik A. V. , Excitation of plasma waves during the drift of a two-dimensional electron plasma 308  (246)
Batanov G. M. , Kovrizhnykh L. M. , Petrov A. E. , Sapozhnikov A. V. , Sarksyan K. A. , Skvortsova N. N. , Observation of induced Is scattering near the lower hybrid resonance 311  (248)
Bunkin F. V. , Lyakhov G. A. , Shipilov K. F., Shmaonov T. A. , Concentration mechanism for optical self-effects in stratifying liquid solutions 315  (251)
Iyudin A. F. , Kirillov-Ugryumov V. G. , Kotov Yu. D. , Smirnov Yu. V., Yurov V. N. , Time evolution of the secondary cosmic radiation during the magnetic storm of 20 August 1979 318  (254)
Vainshtein A. I., Zakharov V. I. , Calculation of the fermion determinant in chiral and supersymmetrical theories 323  (258)
Varyukhin V. V. , Gagarin Yu. F. , Ivanova N. S. , Kalinkin B. N. , Lukin V. A., Yakubovskii E. A., Multiple production of particles in the interaction of iron-group cosmic-ray nuclei with energies 4-500 GeV/nucleon and Ag and Br nuclei at small impact parameters 326  (261)
Gal'perin A. , Ogievetskii V., Sokachev E. , U(1) supergravity 330  (263)
Ansel'm A. A. , Lobashev V. M. , Ural'tsev N. G., Decays of \pi ^\pm mesons involving axions and massless axions: π→ l+νl+a(a') 334  (266)
Krasnikov N. V., Matveev V. A. , Nonaxion solution of the problem of CP conservation in strong interactions 338  (270)
Bazilevskaya G.A., Stozhkov Yu. I. , Charakhch'yan T. N. , Cosmic rays, solar activity, and neutrino flux from the sun 341  (273)
Shapiro I.S., Polarization rotation of slow neutrons because of parity nonconservation in a nuclear interaction 344  (275)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.