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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Krasnoperov E. P., Meillikhov E. E., Ponomarev A. N., Pomyakushin V. Yu., Eshchenko D. G., Duginov V. N., Zhukov V. A., Mamedov T. N., Olshevskii V. G., Formation of muonium in condensed neon 749  (721)
Fu-Min Lin , A theoretical interpretation of the β-stability line of nuclear matter 753  (725)
Serebrov A. P., Mityukhlyaev V. A., Zakharov A. A., Nesvizhevsky V. V., Kharitonov A. G., Is it possible to produce next generation of UCN sources with a density 103-104 cm-3? 757  (728)
Darsht M. Ya., Zhirgalova I. V., Zel'dovich B. Ya., Kundikova N. D., Observation of a "magnetic" rotation of the speckle of light passed through an optical fiber 763  (734)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Kundikova N. D., Rogacheva L. F., Observed transverse shift of a focal spot upon a change in the sign of circular polarization 766  (737)
Bikbaev R. F., Kudashev V. R., Whitham deformations partially saturating a modulational instability in a nonlinear Schrodinger equation 770  (741)
Alekseenko S. V., Shtork S. I., Experimental observation of an interaction of vortex filaments 775  (746)
Trubachev V. G., Tovstolytkin A. I., Shpak A. P., Magnetic and structural features of thin tantalum films with a fivefold symmetry axis 781  (751)
Klimovitch G. V., Possibility of a power temperature dependence of the low-temperature penetration depth in an S-wave superconductor 784  (754)
Butko N. B., Minina N. Ya., Savin A. M., Kraak W., Krause S., Magnetotransport properties of a uniaxially compressed 2D electron gas at a grain boundary of Hg1-xCdxTe (x=0.23) bicrystals 790  (760)
Panyukov S. V., Zaikin A. D., Paramagnetism of superconducting ceramics 795  (765)
Kopaev Yu. V., Molotkov S. N., Bloch oscillations and dynamic conductivity of a superlattice 800  (770)
Romanov S. G., Penetration of a magnetic field into a regular 3D array of superconductor nanoparticles 809  (778)
Smirnov A. I., Khlyustikov I. N., Magnetoelectric effects in Gd2CuO4 814  (783)
Osipov V. V., Samokhvalov A. A., Nagaev E. L., Cooperative transport phenomena in phase-separated degenerate antiferromagnetic semiconductors 819  (788)
Shikin V. B., Magnetoelectric effects in a 2D strip with a Hall current 826  (794)
Volovik G. E., The Fermi condensate near the saddle point and in the vortex core 830  (798)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.