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VOLUME 60 (1994) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Nurmagambetov A. Yu., Tkach V. I., Resales J. J., Generalized twistor dynamics of superparticles 147  (145)
Bakulev A. P., Mikhailov S. V., The photon structure function F2 in QCD with nonlocal vacuum quark condensates 150  (149)
Litvinskii L. L., Vlasov M. F., Novoselov G. M., Average resonance parameters of 236236U 156  (155)
Voronin A. Yu., Dal'karov O. D., Delayed antiproton annihilation in light atoms 160  (158)
Antipov O. L., Belyaev S. I., Kuzhelev A. S., Laser crystal with nonreciprocal feedback as a parametric mirror which performs passive optical phase conjugation 165  (163)
Yan'kov V. V., The pinch effect explains turbulent transport in tokamaks 171  (169)
Elesin V. F., Kashurnikov V. A., Openov L. A., Mott-insulator-superfluid-liquid transition in a 1D boson Hubbard model 177  (174)
Dzheparov F. S., Shestopal V. E., Asymptotically exactly solvable models of random walks and oscillations in disordered systems 182  (178)
Molotkov S. N., Nazin S. S., Ryzhkin I. A., Tunneling spectroscopy of highly correlated systems 186  (182)
Zavaritskii N. V., Zavaritskii V. N., Orekhov Yu. F., Mackenzie A. P., Effect of yttrium on the increase in Tc of Bi(2212) crystals 193  (188)
Shapovalov D. L., Localization and proximity effect in ultrathin superconducting films 199  (193)
Iordanskii S. V. , Lyanda-Geller Yu. B., Pikus G. E., Weak localization in quantum wells with spin-orbit interaction 206  (199)
Kask N. E., Percolation and metal-nonmetal transition during laser evaporation of condensed media 212  (204)
Prints V. Ya., Panaev I. A., Preobrazhenskii V. V., Semyagin B. R., High-temperature anisotropy of the conductivity of superlattices of GaAs quantum wires grown on faceted 3114A surfaces 217  (209)
Gornostyrev Yu. N., Katsnel'son I., Trefilov A. V., Anomalous attenuation of ultrasound in alloys with heterophase fluctuations 221  (213)
Morozov A., Bosonization of a coordinate ring of Uq[SL(N)]: The cases of N=2 and N=3 225  (217)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.