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VOLUME 60 (1994) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ivashchuk V. D., Mel'nikov V. N., Kirillov A. A., Stochastic properties of multidimensional cosmological models near a singular point 235  (225)
Simonov Yu. A., Molodtsov S. V., A unified description of confinement and superconductivity in terms of the vacuum correlation functions 240  (230)
Oleinikov P. A., Platonenko V. T., Ferrante F., Resonant generation of high harmonics 246  (235)
Askar'yan G. A., Bulanov S. V., Pegoraro F., Pukhov A. M., Magnetic interaction of self-focusing channels and fluxes of electromagnetic radiation: their coalescence, the accumulation of energy, and the effect of external magnetic fields on them 251  (240)
Vanyan P. L., Fractal dimension of turbulence 258  (247)
Samarchenko D. A., Spectrum of a charged Bose gas in a quantizing magnetic field 263  (252)
Abrukina Yu. M., Oksengendler B. L., Localized electron states in a simple 1D chain with a loop 270  (258)
Belogorokhov A. I., Karavanskii V. A., Obraztsov A. N., Timoshenko V. Yu., Intense photoluminescence in porous gallium phosphide 274  (262)
Zhukovskii E. A., Tugushev V. V., Thermodynamics of electron-hole fluctuations and formation of exciton phase in layered semiconductor structures 280  (267)
Mikheeva M. N., Nazin V. G., Svishchev A. V., Tsetlin M. B., Law D. S.-L., Effect of polarization of the exciting light on resonant photoelectron emission from La2CuO4+δ single crystals 286  (272)
Nechaev S. , Nematic phase transition in entangled directed polymers 291  (277)
Troyanovskii A. M., Edel'man V. S., Amplitude of the atomic corrugation of a cleaved bismuth surface measured with a scanning tunneling microscope 300  (285)
Kalinikos B. A., Kovshikov N. G., Observation of a collision of spin-wave envelope solitons in ferromagnetic films 305  (290)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.