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VOLUME 60 (1994) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Zheltukhin A. A., Tugai V. V., Maxwell supermultiplet in the Wheeler-Feynman approach 309  (305)
Kuznetsov I. A., Serebrov A. P., Stepanenko I. V., Aldushchenkov A. V., Lasakov M. S., Kokin A. A., Mostovoi Yu. A., Yerozolimsky B. G., Dewey M. S., New measurements of the antineutrino-spin asymmetry in beta decay of the neutron and restriction for mass of WR 315  (311)
Zakharov S. D., Kazaryan M. A., Korotkov N. P., Shock acceleration of particles in a laser beam 322  (317)
Rubtsov I. V., Khudyakov D. V., Nadtochenko V. A., Lobach A. S., Moravskii A. P., Orientational rotation of C60 molecules in various solutions 325  (320)
Bazhenov A. V., Gorbunov A. V., Volkodav K. G., Photoinduced changes in the fundamental absorption of C60 films 331  (326)
Muinov M., Kanda H., Stisnov S. M., Raman scattering in diamond at high pressure isotopic effects 335  (329)
Krivokhizha S. V., Fabelinskii I. L., Chaibreveikov L L., Distinctive features of the phase diagram of a glycerin-quaiacol solution 340  (333)
Polyakov P. A., Theory of a diffuse domain wall 343  (336)
Zakharov A. A., Nikonov A. A., Superconductivity and phase separation in La2CuO4+x 348  (340)
Ivanov V. K., KharchenkoV. A., Ipatov A. N., Zhizhin M. L., Optimized jellium model for metal clusters 353  (345)
Ponyatovskii E. G., Sinand V. V., Pozdnyakova T. A., Second critical point and low-temperature anomalies in the physical properties of water 360  (352)
Mel'nikov A. S., Distinctive properties of 1D normal-metal-superconductor contacts for superconductors with a broken particle-hole symmetry 365  (357)
Kaganovskii Yu. S., Ptitsyn Yu. V., Seminozhenko V. P., Tkachev V. A., Tolmachev A. V., Langmuir-Blodgett films of the fullerene C60 370  (361)
Pashitskii E. A., Pentegov V. I., Nature of the anomalous thermal conductivity of high-Tc superconductors 375  (366)
Vengrus I. I., Kupriyanov M. Yu., Snigirev O. V., Maresov A. G., Krasnosvobodtsev S. I., Current transport mechanism in high-Tc superconducting Josephson junctions on bicrystals 381  (372)
Soroka V. A., Square roots of Hamilton's equations for supersymmetric systems 387  (377)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.