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VOLUME 60 (1994) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kamenets F. F., Pukhov A. M., Ivanov M. F., Fortov V. E., Induction of vortex structures in the Jovian atmosphere by fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 393  (383)
Nevzorov R. B., Novikov A. V.,. Vysotsky M. I, A simple way to estimate the value of \bar{\alpha}\equiv \alpha(m_Z^3) 399  (388)
Nazaruk V. I., Is there a dramatic suppression of n \vec ni transitions in a medium? 404  (392)
Sablikov V. A., Chenskii E. V., Resonance effects in the high-frequency conductance of a 1D quantum channel in the ballistic regime 410  (397)
Belyaev A. E., Vitusevich S. A., Konakova R. V., Figielski T., Makosa A., Wosinski T., Kravchenko L. N., Tunnel current oscillations in a GaAs/AlAs double-barrier heterostructure 416  (403)
Shikin V. B., Low-temperature features of the magnetocapacitance of 2D electron systems 420  (406)
Aminov B. A., Wehler D., Muller G., Piel H., Hein M. A., Heinrichs H., Brandt N. B., Hu C.S., Ponomarev Ya. G., Tsokur E. B., Chesnokov S. N., Yusupov K. Ch., Yarygin A. V., Winzer K., Rosier K., Wolf T., Point-contact and tunneling spectroscopy of YBa2Cu3O7-x and YbBa2Cu3O7-x (90-K phase) single crystals 424  (410)
Golo V. L., Numerical simulation of two-pulse NMR in superfluid 3He-S 430  (416)
Gribnikov Z. S., Korshak A. N., Slowly decaying quasistationary electron states in spherical heavy quantum dots 434  (420)
Gasparov V. A., Strukova G. K., Khassanov S. S., Superconductivity above 20 K in barium-niobium-oxide compounds 440  (425)
Baranov P. G., Mashkov I. V., Romanov N. G., Gourdon C., Lavallard P., Planel R., Magnetic resonance and anticrossing of levels of excitons trapped at opposite interfaces in type-II GaAs/AIAs superlattices 445  (429)
Razbirin B. S., Starukhin A. N., Chugreev A. V., Grushko Yu. S., Kolesnik S. N., Observation of fine structure in the optical spectrum of the fullerene C70 in a crystalline matrix 451  (435)
Masterov V. F., Nasredinov F. S., Prikhodko O. A., Sagatov M. A., Seregin P. P., Superconductivity and magnetic order in the copper sublattices of the YBa2Cu3-xFexO7+y ceramics 456  (439)
Silin V. P., Traveling small-scale Josepnson vortices 460  (442)
Andrienko A. V., Safonov V. L., Observation of nonequilibrium Bose condensation of quasiphonons excited by a noisy microwave pump 464  (446)
Levchenko A. A., Mezhov-Deglin L. P., Crossing of a liquid-vapor boundary in hydrogen by negative charges 470  (452)
Vedeneev A. S., Gaivoronskii A. G., Zhdan A. G., Ryi'kov V. V., Tkach Yu. Ya., Modelli A., Evolution of an impurity band during low-temperature application of a field to weakly compensated silicon with a high doping level 475  (457)
Rautian S. G., Nonlinear effects due to a cascade of coherence in probe-field spectroscopy 481  (462)
Kuznetsov E. A., Mikhailov A. V., Relaxation oscillations of solitons 486  (466)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.