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VOLUME 60 (1994) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Trubnikov B. A., Possible scenario for the birth of galaxies 759  (753)
Dremin I. M., Multiparticle production and statistical analogies 764  (757)
Belenov E. M., Isakov V. A., Kanavin A. P., Smetanin I. V., Transformation of the field of an intense ultrashort pulse in a Raman-active medium 770  (762)
Silin V. P., Electron energy transport in a weakly collisional plasma 775  (766)
Grechukhin D. P., Lomonosov A. V., Relativistic effect in low-energy elastic scattering of electrons by inert-gas atoms 779  (770)
Yablokov Yu. V., Ivanova T. A., Usachev A. E., Reinen D., Kasper W., Hole centers in LaSrAl1-xCuxO in connection with magnetic Jahn-Teller polarons in La2CuO4+δ 785  (775)
Fyodorov Ya. V., Mirlin A. D., Statistical properties of eigenfunctions in a disordered metallic sample 790  (779)
Barsov S. G., Getalov A. L., Koptev V. P., Kotov S. A., Kuz'min L. A., Mikirtych'yants S. M., Shcherbakov G. V., Gasnikova G. P., Men'shikov A. V., Observation of a Gabay-Toulouse line in the ordered alloy Fe0.6 Mn0.4Pt3 796  (784)
Andrienko A. V., Safonov V. L., Electromagnetic emission by a system of nonequilibrium quasiphones in an antiferromagnet 800  (787)
Ivanov B. A. , Kolezhuk A. K., Quantum tunneling of magnetization in a small-area domain wall 805  (792)
Bykov A. A. , Kvon Z. D., Litvin L. V., Moshchenko S. P., Nastaushev Yu. V., Effect of an electrostatic field on the interference of electron waves in a quasiballistic interferometer 809  (796)
Lesovik G. B., Effect of a random voltage on equilibrium current fluctuations in a quantum conductor 815  (801)
Lesovik G. B., Non-Gaussian fluctuations of the current and voltage in quantum conductors 820  (806)
Vyaselev O. M., Kolesnikov N. N., Shchegolev I. F., Existence of low-lying electron spin excitations in the superconducting state of the Tl2Ba2CuO6+x system 824  (810)
Mezentsev V. K., Musher S. L., Ryzhenkova I. V., Turitsyn S. K., Two-dimensional solitons in discrete systems 829  (815)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.