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VOLUME 60 (1994) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ponyatovskii E. G. , Sinand V. V., Pozdnyakova T. A., Erratum: Second critical point and low-temperature anomalies in the physical properties of water [JETP Lett. 60, No. 5, 360 (10 September 1994) 882  ()
Erokhin A. I., Starunov V. S., Shmelev A. K., Time evolution of stimulated Brillouin scattering during transverse laser pumping of carbon disulfide filling a capillary 837  (823)
Arkhipenko V. I., Budnikov V. N., Gusakov E. Z., Kaganskaya N. M., Selenin V. L., Simonchik L. V., Resonant lowering of the threshold for a parametric instability of an inhomogeneous plasma in a frequency-modulated pump field 843  (829)
Budantsev M. V., Gusev G. M., Kvon Z. D., Pogosov A. G., Nonlinear effects in the nonlocal resistance of a 2D electron gas under conditions of the quantum Hall effect 848  (834)
Fontana F., Persico V., Livanov D. V., Balestrino G., Resistive transition in Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x phase 853  (839)
Gurvich Yu. A., Melnikov A. P., Shestakov L. N., Gershenzon E. M., Nonohmic hopping conductivity in the exponential band tail 859  (845)
Kotel'nikov I. N., Shul'man A. Ya., Maude D. K., Portal J.-C., Tunneling in a quantizing magnetic field and many-particle features in the tunneling spectra of Schottky-barrier junctions 863  (849)
Kovalenko K. V., Krivokhizha S. V., Fabelinskii I. L., Measurement of the anisotropy relaxation time in liquids with a broad range of viscosities 868  (854)
Andreev A. V., Ponomarev Yu. V., Dynamic effects in diffuse x-ray scattering by multilayer structures 872  (857)
Mineev V. P., Free energy of superconducting islands with even land odd numbers of electrons 876  (861)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.