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VOLUME 26 (1977) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vereshchagin L.F. , Yakovlev E.N. , Timofeev Yu.A., Vinogradov B.V., Superconductivity of gallium phosphide at high pressure 55  (61)
Bogoyavlenskii O.I. , Self-similar solutions with a diverging and a collapsing shock wave in general relativity theory 57  (63)
Kalinin A.P. , Leonas V.B. , Khromov V.N., Study of differential scattering of He atoms in CO and N2 59  (65)
Belov K.P., Batorova S.D., Koroleva L.I., Shalimova M.A., Anomalous paramagnetic susceptibility in sulfate chrome-chalcogenite spinels 62  (68)
Eremenko V.G. , Nikitenko V.I. , Yakimov E.B. , Anomalous anisotropy of electron mobility in plastically deformed silicon with low dislocation density 65  (72)
Babichenko V.S., Onishchenko T.A. , Metal-insulator transition of an electron-hole liquid in a strong magnetic field 68  (75)
Bogomolov V.N., Klushin N.A., Kumzerov Yu.A., Superconducting transition of indium filaments at 6 K 72  (79)
Golovashkin A.I. , Low-frequency maxima of phonon state density and the exponential term of the resistance of superconductors with A-15 lattices 74  (81)
Buishvili L.L., Tugushi A.I., Spin diffusion in solid He3 78  (86)
Demirkhanov R.A., Kirov A.G., Ruchko L.F., Sukachev A.V., Maiburov V.B., Nyushkov A.V., Elimination of MHD current instabilities of a toroidal plasma pinch by a feedback method 81  (89)
Kovalenko P.P. , Labushkin V.G., Rudenko V.V., Sarkisyan V.A., Seleznev V.N., Investigation of the diffraction of Mossbauer radiation by the weakly ferromagnetic single crystal 57FeBo3 85  (92)
Melekhin V.N., Mishin S.A., Reconstruction of the nonstationary optical picture from two-photon correlations, and stellar interferometry 88  (95)
Gendenshtein L.E. , New type of additive topological conservation laws for multidimensional solitons 91  (99)
Gavrilenko V.I. , Kononenko V.L. , Mandel'shtam T.S., Murzin V.N. , Saunin S.A. , Experimental observation of magnetodipole resonances in electron-hole drops in germanium 95  (102)
Goryachev A.M. , Zalesnyi G.N. , Shapes of stable Ir and Pt transition nuclei 99  (107)
Alkhazov G.D. , Atamanchuk A.G. , Belostotskii S.L., Volkov S.S., Damaskinskii E.A., Dotsenko Yu.V., Domchenkov O.A., Kuropatkin N.P., Nikulin V.N., Prokof'ev O.E., Shuvaev M.A. , Differential elastic-scattering cross section of 1-GeV protons by 4He nuclei 102  (110)
Vorob'ev L.S. , Gavrilov V.B. , Degtyarenko P.V., Efremenko V.I., Zaitsev Yu.M., Leksin G.A., Suchkov D.A., Correlations between the secondary particles in π-A interactions at 3.7GeV/c 105  (113)
Kolybasov V.M., Smorodinskaya N.Ya., Absorption and polarization phenomena in knock-on reactions 109  (117)
Kondratyuk L.A. , Lombar R.M., Simonov Yu.A., Excitation of anomalous-parity nuclear levels by nucleons of medium and high energy, and models of nucleon-nucleon amplitudes 111  (119)
Nadezhdin V.S., Petrov N.I., Satarov V.I., Observation of a dependence of the left-right asymmetry of quasielastic scattering of polarized protons by 12C and 16O nuclei on the momentum of the residual nucleus 115  (123)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.